Daniel Witwicky vs Gwen Stacy

Suggested by Sonic Daniel’s a good kid who means well but he is a little out of his depth in this fight. Gwen has better reflexes and speed than Daniel so that will allow her to stay one step ahead at all times. No matter what Daniel tries to do with his gun or mech suit, he won’t be able to keep up with her. You can’t defeat someone that you can’t catch. Gwen Stacy wins.

Polly Pocket vs Gwen Stacy

Polly Pocket is back and this time she’s up against Gwen Stacy! Gwen became the female Carnage at one point and definitely outranks Polly Pocket. Polly Pocket is one of those characters who likes to have fun, but she won’t have much fun in this match. She drops down the ranks. Gwen Stacy wins.

Gwen Stacy vs Megalon

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs Megalon. Gwen Stacy is back once more. Of course this time she’s fighting the legendary monster known as Megalon. Megalon makes his debut into the blog and shows why he’s tough stuff. Gwen Stacy may be a mild fighter…….but she still can’t beat someone of Megalon’s abilities. Megalon wins.

Update 7/23/2019. Gwen now has her Spider Gwen form as well as the abilities of Carnage. I don’t think Megalon will be able to do a whole lot against her. Gwen Stacy wins.

Gwen Stacy vs Spiderman

Gwen Stacy is making her blog debut. Since she’s gonna be in the new Spiderman film she may as well make her debut against Spiderman. Of course she doesn’t really have a chance against someone of his raw power. Spiderman has advanced knowledge of hand to hand combat. Also Gwen Stacy died pretty easily in the comics. Spiderman wouldn’t have died that easily……welll……anyway Gwen Stacy doesn’t have enough power to take down Spiderman. Spiderman wins.