Daniel Witwicky vs Gwen Stacy

Suggested by Sonic Daniel’s a good kid who means well but he is a little out of his depth in this fight. Gwen has better reflexes and speed than Daniel so that will allow her to stay one step ahead at all times. No matter what Daniel tries to do with his gun or mech suit, he won’t be able to keep up with her. You can’t defeat someone that you can’t catch. Gwen Stacy wins.

Larry Koopa vs Daniel Witwicky

Suggested by Sonic Larry has some neat magical abilities at his disposal thanks to his handy wand. That is no substitute for true firepower though. Daniel is a headmaster and even before that he managed to get his own Exosuit complete with super strength and a gun. In one comic he even became a full on robot so the guy has gotten a lot of abilities over the years. He can just light up Larry and that would be the end of the match. This Koopa isn’t ready for a battle of such magnitude. Daniel Witwicky wins.

Daniel Witwicky vs Rodimus Prime

Daniel Witwicky may have managed to win his first round on the blog, but he’s no match for Rodimus Prime! Rodimus has a lot of attack power at the ready and he did become a Prime! Daniel’s robot armor won’t really be able to help him here since Rodimus has a sword that has sliced through Decepticons in the past. Rodimus Prime wins.

Daniel Witwicky vs Jack Darby

This match is a double debut as Daniel and Jack get to show the blogging world what they’ve got. If Daniel didn’t have his EXO suit, Jack may have had the edge in a fist fight. He’s decently athletic and he is older, but that’s really not going to help here. Daniel’s suit allows him to fire energy blasts and one or two good shots would be too much for Jack to handle. Daniel Witwicky wins.