Larry Koopa vs Daniel Witwicky

Suggested by Sonic Larry has some neat magical abilities at his disposal thanks to his handy wand. That is no substitute for true firepower though. Daniel is a headmaster and even before that he managed to get his own Exosuit complete with super strength and a gun. In one comic he even became a full on robot so the guy has gotten a lot of abilities over the years. He can just light up Larry and that would be the end of the match. This Koopa isn’t ready for a battle of such magnitude. Daniel Witwicky wins.

Larry Koopa vs Bass

This is the final fight before the latest edition of the Blog Records comes out so we should end with a bang! Larry Koopa nearly made it through the cracks at 1-0, but I caught him in the nick of time. He may be a resourceful fighter with nothing to lose, but he seriously will not be able to keep up with the overwhelming power of Bass. Bass would be able to win this fight with a single energy blast! Bass wins.

Larry Appleton vs Larry Koopa

Larry Appleton has returned, but he’s not going to fare very well against someone like Larry Koopa! Larry Koopa was playable in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS, which is a very impressive feat. He now has a number of dangerous attacks at his disposal like his cannon balls and his hammer. A single hit from either of those attacks would likely take Appleton down for the count. Larry Koopa wins.