Mimikyu vs Copy X

Suggested by Anonymous Mimikyu is a pretty cool Pokemon. I liked his active grudge against Pikachu as it made for an interesting rivalry. If he gets a claw on Copy X then he will be able to deal massive damage but I just don’t see how he would plan to accomplish this. Copy X has tremendous abilities that he has attained over the years to the point where I’d say he is one of the strongest X characters. Mimikyu would ultimately just be out of his league here and would get blown away. Copy X wins.

Pikachu vs Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a pretty cool Pokemon. His personal vendetta with Pikachu is definitely interesting and this Pokemon probably has one of the best modern designs that I’ve seen. It’s just a great concept all around, but that still won’t be enough to stop an opponent as powerful as Pikachu. Pikachu is just far too fiercesome and overwhelming for any one Pokemon to stop. (With a few exceptions) Mimikyu will lose this battle and Pikachu proves once more that the original can’t be stopped. Pikachu wins.

Mimikyu vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mimikyu is a pretty spooky Pokemon who doesn’t take prisoners. It will keep fighting until Pikachu has been destroyed. Mario has some experience with electric opponents, but that won’t be quite enough here. I’m afraid that he is simply outmatched. He can’t hope to keep up with Mimikyu’s speed and his power won’t mean much without being able to land a blow. I’m afraid that this is just one fight that the doctor can’t overcome. Mimikyu wins.