Cataleya vs Salt

Suggested by Destroyer This is certainly a tricky fight. Both Salt and Cataleya are experienced fighters in their own rights. Salt is a CIA agent while Cataleya is an experienced assassin and both of them can fight without the guns if needed. That said, that is where I would give Salt the edge. Salt is really a great fighter in every circumstance and if their guns cancel each other out, I would trust Salt more in a close combat scenario. Salt wins.

Alex Rider vs Salt

Suggested by Destroyer Alex is a pretty good junior agent with a lot of useful gadgets up his sleeve. They put him in a position to give just about anyone a good fight. It’s all very handy but Salt is a professional who has been shown to have far greater skills with a gun. None of Alex’s gadgets will help him stay out of the line of Fire so I’m afraid it’s game over for him. Salt wins.

Gamera vs Salt

1280_Angelina Jolie - Salt Movie
Salt has a gun, but it won’t be enough to take on someone as powerful as Gamera! Gamera has his Mana Cannon which can fire blasts of unimaginable power! Not even Salt will be able to stand against something like that. Gamera takes another win and shows the world that he’s still got it. Gamera wins.

Pepper Potts vs Salt

Pepper Potts has her rescue armor with her! With it she can be pretty strong and fast. Salt has her gun skills, but in the end they’re never enough against the bigger threats. Salt drops down the blog ranks with this loss while Pepper Potts wins her first match! Pepper Potts wins.

Lazerman vs Salt

Lazerman is back once again. He’s really been getting a lot of wins lately hasn’t he? Well this time he’s gonna defeat Salt. Lazerman can heal himself through the use of dark holes and can even hit beings moving faster than Mach 5! I don’t really think Salt can do this, but to be fair she’s never tried. Lazerman wins.

Salt vs The BioLizard

The BioLizard is back for another win. Salt may have a gun, but bullets can’t hurt The BioLizard. The BioLizard is a being of near limitless power and even has a super form that can stop many fighters in an instant. The BioLizard is far too powerful to be stopped and with one blast he wins this match. The BioLizard wins.

Space Godzilla vs Salt

Space Godzilla is a monster of nearly limitless power. His abilities far exceed that of Salt’s. Salt is great with a gun and knows how to pwn, but in the end that’s not enough to challenge someone on Space Godzilla’s level. Space Godzilla has even fought with guys like Godzilla. Space Godzilla wins.

Polly Pocket vs Salt

Polly Pocket knows how to have fun, and if that’s what this match was about she’d win, but this fight is about the Last Person Standing. So Salt wins this with a bullet. Polly Pocket wouldn’t last through the pain and would die pretty fast. Polly Pocket takes another loss after all these months. Salt wins.