Cataleya vs Salt

Suggested by Destroyer This is certainly a tricky fight. Both Salt and Cataleya are experienced fighters in their own rights. Salt is a CIA agent while Cataleya is an experienced assassin and both of them can fight without the guns if needed. That said, that is where I would give Salt the edge. Salt is really a great fighter in every circumstance and if their guns cancel each other out, I would trust Salt more in a close combat scenario. Salt wins.

Cataleya vs Train

Zoe Saldana is "Cataleya" in TriStar Pictures' COLOMBIANA.
This is a tribute to Colombiana. Cataleya may have a gun, but that doesn’t mean that she’s a hero. Train used his gun to save lives and help make the world a better place. He’s a true hero and he uses his abilities to their fullest. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone who can stop him! Train wins.