Godzilla vs Metal Sonic

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs Destoroyah. While Big G got his super form it didn’t look that impressive. Normal Godzilla has looked better in the past. Metal Sonic is way too fast and powerful for Godzilla. He could take him down pretty quickly…because he’s unbeatable. Godzilla could theoretically do some major damage to Metal Sonic if he landed some hits in, but Metal Sonic’s speed is like nothing he has ever encountered before. Metal Sonic wins.

The link to the original image can be found below and it was created by ToaAntan.



2 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Metal Sonic

  1. Not true. Godzilla has atomic ray blasts and those annihilate computer systems. Think of what happens when an atomic weapon goes off. It’s like a massive EMP followed by a huge explosion. He could effectively shut down Metal Overlord with one good hit and end him for good and weapons have managed to hit the speedy robot before so never rule it out.

    • His Atomic Ray attacks are very powerful, but I’m not sure if they would work. Metal Sonic’s speed should be enough for him to dodge Godzilla’s attacks, but aside from that, his durability is also really good. He can create barriers and his armor is very thick. Metal Sonic showed off his speed to their best extent during the Sonic movie in the 90’s. In his Overlord form, flying can be a pretty good advantage as it’ll be even tougher for Godzilla to hit him. Plus, Metal Sonic has some pretty big attacks of his own. I do agree that we shouldn’t rule out the King of the Monsters so easily for the most part, but I just think that Metal Sonic has the edge

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