Bouldergeist vs Whispy Woods

Suggested by Destroyer Bouldergeist is strong and this is where he gets to prove it. Whispy Woods is durable as well but ultimately won’t be able to take on a direct punch from Bouldergeist. That will deal crazy amounts of damage and Whispy Woods has no means of dodging. Ultimately that is what is going to cost him big time. More durability feats would have come in handy here. Bouldergeist wins.

Whispy Woods vs Jolly Green Giant

Suggested by Sonic The Jolly Green Giant is huge but will that be enough to win this round? I do find myself being rather skeptical but the Whispy Woods can’t really move much. So this boils down to whether or not the Giant would be able to resist the explosive fruits that Whispy Woods can throw out and I want to say that he can. Long enough to punch Whispy out at least. Not being able to run around is a huge disadvantage. Jolly Green Giant wins.

Whispy Woods vs Groundman

Suggested by Sonic Whispy Woods is a powerful tree. There can be no doubt about that but is he really strong enough to take out Groundman? That’s where I have my doubts. Groundman’s drills would barrel right through Woods’ roots and cause massive damage. Whispy also isn’t fast enough to dodge the attacks for long and will end up being down for the count. Groundman wins.

Whispy Woods vs Swamp Thing

Suggested by Sonic Whispy Woods is a pretty powerful tree and I’m sure Swamp Thing would be proud to see such a powerful plant. Still, Swamp Thing is leader of the Green and is incredibly powerful. He has traded blows with powerful fighters like Superman and Wonder Woman in the past. I don’t really have any doubts that he would be able to overwhelm Whispy Woods with minimal effort. Whispy isn’t very mobile and lacks a lot of attack options. Swamp Thing would likely break him with a punch or two. Swamp Thing wins.

Whispy Woods vs Marge Simpson

Suggested by Destroyer Marge Simpson always seemed like a nice enough character but she really isn’t much of a fighter. Meanwhile Whispy Woods has been dealing with he likes of Kirby for years. He has learned to fight and has become pretty proficient in close range combat. The tree has even learned how to stand which is no easy feat. Marge won’t be able to dodge his quick array of apples and other tricks. She can delay the end of the match but ultimately has no way of winning it. Whispy Woods wins.

Big Bully vs Whispy Woods

Suggested by Destroyer Its time for a battle of Nintendo villains. The Big bully isn’t all that popular but he was always a very fun enemy to face off against in Mario 64. If he rammed into you that was it for the match. Whispy Woods won’t go down so easily though. He has gotten a few power ups over the years and can ensnare the bully with his roots. At that point he can blast him with his flaming fruit or his pointy nose and take the win. This tree is definitely tough. Whispy Woods wins.

Jigglypuff vs Whispy Woods

Suggested by Sonic Whispy Woods is a pretty strong tree, but I just don’t think he has what it takes against everyone’s favorite Pokemon singer. Jigglypuff may not be a big hand to hand fighter, but she has a great arsenal of long range options at her disposal. Whispy Woods will end up getting burned and shocked as Jigglypuff continues her onslaught. Whispy isn’t very quick so dodging those attacks is completely out of the question. Jigglypuff wins.

Whispy Woods vs Kirby

Whispy Woods is a tree of pretty intense power! It can blow wins so fierce and intense that it just leaves you guessing! Of course Kirby’s faced him many times and could win this round. Whispy Woods is just not as much of a fighter and also lacks speed. Whispy Woods drops down the ranks with this loss. Kirby wins.

Whispy Woods vs Air Man

Whispy Woods is one of the more popular Kirby villains, but in the end he lacks speed. Big time! Air Man has his air attacks and has defeated more characters than we’d like to remember. With this win he rises up the rankings pretty drastically and shows the world who’s boss! Air Man wins.