Sad Goomba vs Big Bully

Suggested by Destroyer You sort of feel bad for the Sad Goomba because he really didn’t ask for this. That being said, he still isn’t ready to take on a Big Bully. Those guys really knew how to push other fighters around and even gave Mario some trouble back in the 64 days. I’d trust their physical abilities here which should be enough to have them quickly take the win. They won’t be holding back even when they see the tears. Big Bully wins.

Big Bully vs Whispy Woods

Suggested by Destroyer Its time for a battle of Nintendo villains. The Big bully isn’t all that popular but he was always a very fun enemy to face off against in Mario 64. If he rammed into you that was it for the match. Whispy Woods won’t go down so easily though. He has gotten a few power ups over the years and can ensnare the bully with his roots. At that point he can blast him with his flaming fruit or his pointy nose and take the win. This tree is definitely tough. Whispy Woods wins.

Bellamy vs Big Bully

Big Bully
Big Bully is a pretty mean guy from what we’ve seen. Not only does he casually push people into lava, but he does it with a bone chilling glare. Bellamy has a lot of raw power at his disposal, but will it be enough to stop the Big Bully? I think that it will be just the thing needed. Big Bully relies on his power so if Bellamy can overpower him, then he’ll have won the match. Bellamy wins.

Big Bully vs Mario

Big Bully makes his blog debut, but sadly for him it’s with a loss. He just didn’t have the skills to take on Mario. With one good punch Mario can send him back a couple of inches. In giant form he could probably kick him miles away. This is why Mario should not be underestimated for any reason. Mario wins.