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Whispy Woods vs Marge Simpson

Suggested by Destroyer Marge Simpson always seemed like a nice enough character but she really isn’t much of a fighter. Meanwhile Whispy Woods has been dealing with he likes of Kirby for years. He has learned to fight and has become pretty proficient in close range combat. The tree has even learned how to stand which is no easy feat. Marge won’t be able to dodge his quick array of apples and other tricks. She can delay the end of the match but ultimately has no way of winning it. Whispy Woods wins.

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Max vs Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is back and she’s up against Max. In a hand to hand fight things would get a bit dicey for Max. He doesn’t have much power and the size disadvantage won’t help matters too much. Luckily he does have his navigational tools and pokemon. Marge Simpson may be back someday. Max wins.

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Marge Simpson vs Unicron

Marge Simpson vs Unicron is probably one of those fights where you’d pick Unicron in the blink of an eye. Of course what you probably forget is that Unicron could defeat her quicker than that. Either way Marge Simpson loses her debut fight, but at least now she’s part of the blog! Unicron wins.