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Max vs Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is back and she’s up against Max. In a hand to hand fight things would get a bit dicey for Max. He doesn’t have much power and the size disadvantage won’t help matters too much. Luckily he does have his navigational tools and pokemon. Marge Simpson may be back someday. Max wins.

8 thoughts on “Max vs Marge Simpson”

  1. While a match between a Pokémon trainer and an ordinary powerless citizen is a hugely one-sided win, I’m going to have to disagree with this one on account of the Composite rule. Thanks to it and the many Halloween Specials, Marge is a head vampire AND an immensely powerful witch. Add that to her powers from The Simpsons Game and the fact that Max is really a pretty rubbish trainer in the long run and Marge has this match easily. A strong trainer like Lance, Cynthia, Alder, N or Red could maybe beat her, but Max stands no chance.

    1. The powers do help her, but can she overcome Max’s pokemon? I do admit that he’s easily not one of the best pokemon trainers (And probably never will be) but he’s still decently smart and he can think up some plans. Or just spam all of the strong attacks. I’m not sure if Marge would be able to stand up to the power

      1. I’m serious, Max doesn’t even have any Pokémon. Even if you count those he’s borrowed, he has a grand total of a Poliwag, a Munchlax and a Corphish. Not exactly a challenge for an opponent who can freely turn people into frogs, snowmen and such, fly, and do dozens of other things that would screw Max over in a fight.

      2. Those 3 should be enough though. Corphish is pretty powerful and Poliwag’s okay. I admit that Munchlax is pretty much a nonfactor though. I’m not sure how much the turning into frogs thing will work for her, and even though she can fly, it’ll be tough to dodge the onslaught of attacks from the pokemon. Plus, one decent shot from Corphish could almost end the fight

      3. While Corphish and Poliwag might have an edge if you assume that Marge suffers from either the Wizard of Oz melting-in-water or the traditional vampire weakness to flowing water, since this is composite, she has neither. Corphish is adequate enough (if he was evolved, he could pose some legitimate threat in this fight), but it’ll take more than one hit from him to finish a vampire, and I’m having trouble seeing how Corphish would get a chance to land a good hit on a fast flyer like Witch Marge, and he’s too slow to dodge her spells, so it wouldn’t be long before he’s a frog and unable to fight back.

      4. Well, if he hits her with his Vicegrip that would probably deal a lot of damage. Plus, the whole transmutation (or transfiguration, I mix them up sometimes) is a bit dicey in regards as to if it would work. It’s like time travel or “high above” deities. The One Above All loses to everybody because he’s a high above and he can destroy everyone by blinking. Thus the ability doesn’t really work. So, Marge turning her opponents into frogs may not work depending on their will power. Will power is one of the big defenses for the blog fighters. It’s what stops opponents from controlling their minds or blowing them up with a glance. So, while the frog part may work, it would probably be temporary if it did. Of course that would still help her a lot in the fight. To cope with her speed, Poliwag has her bubble beam attack which has a pretty wide range.

      5. Wide-range yes, powerful no. Poliwag has amongst the weakest special attacks of all pokémon. As for Vicegrip, couldn’t Marge just fly up high and rain down offensive spells, avoiding Corphish’s claws entirely?

      6. Well, she could try to stay out of range, but then Corphish also has bubble beam. Plus, he can jump extremely fast and high so if she were that far it may be tough to accurately hit them with the spells. Poliwag’s attacks may be weaker than a lot of other pokemon, but they should still do some decent damage

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