Unicron vs Knuckles

Suggested by Destroyer Unicron is definitely strong and his size ensures that a single hit will send Knuckles flying. Fortunately for the Echidna he has the Master Emerald at the ready. In Chaos Mode Knuckles is probably even stronger than Unicron and with his speed he will be able to dodge all counter attacks. I’m afraid that it will all be over for Unicron in an instant. Knuckles wins.

Astro Boy vs Unicron

Suggested by Sonic Unicron is a huge Transformer and is typically known as one of the strongest ones. It is difficult to damage him since his hull is so durable. Still, Astro Boy can do the job. He may be small, but his raw power is out of this world and his energy cannon will also deal lethal damage. As exploited in the G1 Transformers film, Unicron is often too big to do anything about smaller opponents. He has appeared in smaller versions at times, but even those wouldn’t be able to keep up with a boy who moves at atomic speeds. Astro Boy wins.

Mata Nui vs Unicron

Mata Nui is a very powerful being who has some gravity abilities and energy blasts in addition to his great physical power. Unicron can say the same for the most part as he is certainly not lacking in the strength department either. He has always been a supreme threat in the Transformers franchise and I don’t see Mata Nui being able to slow this guy down for very long. Unicron is practically a force of nature in how powerful he is and he can win this fight whether it is a long range contest or a battle of brawn. Unicron wins.

Unicron vs Alucard (Hellsing)

You may assume that now Unicron will have finally met his match. Well, I am here to say that he can still pull out a win. Alucard may be essentially omnipresent, but that won’t help his attack power. Alucard will have a tough time taking Unicron out thanks to the robot’s immensely powerful armor. Alucard will also be unable to survive Unicron’s energy blasts and the demon’s regeneration will eventually be overwhelmed. Unicron wins.

Unicron vs Link

Link will be able to put up a better fight than you may have guessed. His Skyward Slash serves as a decent projectile with a lot of attack power and he can also rely on his Light Arrows if need be. Link’s decisive slashes would certainly hurt Unicron, but the robot can simply spam his energy blasts from afar. It will be very difficult for Link to win an aerial battle so I’m going to have to say that he narrowly loses this fight. Unicron has tipped the scales in his favor here. Unicron wins.

Voldemort vs Unicron

Lord-Voldemort-lord-voldemort-24011691-1904-814 (1)
Voldemort is the next fighter to go down when faced with such a powerful opponent. Unicron is practically a force of nature as his abilities transcend what we previously thought was possible. There have been many Transformers through the years, but there are not many who come close to his levels of power. A single energy blast would be enough to take Voldemort down once and for all! Unicron wins.

Unicron vs Sarah Kerrigan

Unicron has returned to the blog and now he’s ready to take the win. Sarah Kerrigian has some basic telekenesis at her disposal, but it won’t work that well on an opponent who is this big. Unicron’s abilities transcend that of most Cybertronians and a single blow will be enough to shake the very planet to its core. Sarah is a little out of her league here. Unicron wins.

Simon (Gurren Lagann) vs Unicron

Simon (Gurren Lagann) is one of those guys that you can’t underestimate! He has incredible power and even without his Gurren Lagann he may be able to give Unicron a good fight. Of course with it…..let’s just say I don’t think Unicron stands a chance. Simon (Gurren Lagann) wins.

Unicron vs Galactus

Galactus and Unicron are both pretty powerful world eaters! Of course Galactus has the slight speed advantage and can send a barrage of energy blasts at Unicron. Unicron is strong and durable, but none can face the full wrath of Galactus forever. Unicron takes a loss in this round. Galactus wins.

Marge Simpson vs Unicron

Marge Simpson vs Unicron is probably one of those fights where you’d pick Unicron in the blink of an eye. Of course what you probably forget is that Unicron could defeat her quicker than that. Either way Marge Simpson loses her debut fight, but at least now she’s part of the blog! Unicron wins.