Daniel LaRusso vs Daniel Sousa

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is a strong hand to hand fighter and I dare say that he would be able to defeat Sousa head to head. That being said, Sousa has guns at the ready so he has the immediate advantage here. Sousa has been in his share of firefights so he’s ready to dodge and fire at the drop of a hat. LaRusso’s fists won’t be able to get close enough to Sousa to be able to deal the finishing blow. Daniel Sousa wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs Catherine Frensky

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is a pretty tough guy. While he is most famous for being the Karate Kid, he ultimately did grow up and even ended up learning some pretty good fighting skills. Catherine isn’t ready to handle someone like him. Pure training goes a long way after all and Catherine just was never a fighter like that. It’s hard to see her being able to stay in the ring and score a win here. Daniel LaRusso wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs DW

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is known as the Karate Kid and he has some pretty good hand to hand skills at his disposal. He may not have any super powers or special abilities like that, but he’s always ready for a fight. DW is a tough kid, but she’s just not old enough to try to take down Daniel. His abilities are simply on another level at the moment and she would need a good time skip to really close the gap between them. it’s possible, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Daniel LaRusso wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is back once again, but I’m afraid that he has met his match. Howard may be a one shot criminal, but he’s also got a gun. Daniel won’t be able to get in close enough to land the game winning shot. His skills simply weren’t enough this time, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. If he ever gets a gun then this could be a different story, but as of now the difference in weaponry changes the outcome of the fight. Howard Aguello wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is a pretty tough kid. In fact, he could beat Luke Benson in a fight at this point since he had time to grow up and knows martial arts. However, he will still taste defeat in this round since Benson has a gun. I don’t care how great of a fighter you are, you just aren’t going to beat someone with a gun unless you have some kind of super abilities or are in a convenient situation. Luke Benson wins.

Gigan vs Daniel LaRusso

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel Larusso may know some karate but does he really stand a chance against a Kaiju? Gigan is enormous and he could just fall down to end the match. The shockwave from such a fall would likely be strong enough to take Daniel down in an instance. Seriously, just think of the crater from an impact like that. Gigan wins.

Daniel Larusso vs Jolly Green Giant

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel Larusso may be a pretty talented fighter but he is going to be in for a surprise when he goes up against the Jolly Green Giant. After all, karate chops and other martial art techniques aren’t all that effective against such a tall and powerful opponent. It’s safe to say that the Giant can win this round with a simple right hook. This is one case where size actually is an advantage. Jolly Green Giant wins.

Daniel Larusso vs Mama Bear

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel is the legendary Karate Kid and he knows some pretty good hand to hand skills as a result. He is not the kind of opponent that you can take lightly. Mama Bear is a bear so that works to her favor but she isn’t much of a fighter and doesn’t have the reaction times that she may have once possessed. It is a reasonably close fight since Daniel isn’t fully grown yet, but I do think he is old enough to deal enough damage to claim victory. Daniel Larusso wins.

Edward (Twilight) vs Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso is a pretty good hand to hand fighter, but he’s thoroughly outmatched here. Edward has some basic super speed at the ready and that’s going to be enough to win this round. Daniel is only mortal and he has no special abilities to really push him over the top. It’s going to be a long match for him! Edward (Twilight) wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs Robin (Tim)

This is a tribute to the Karate Kid 3! Daniel LaRusso may have talked a good game, but when it got time to fight, he was beaten pretty fast! Daniel LaRusso just can’t keep up in hand to hand combat, and that’s definitely a bad sign when you’re up against Tim Drake! Robin (Tim) wins.