Daniel LaRusso vs DW

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is known as the Karate Kid and he has some pretty good hand to hand skills at his disposal. He may not have any super powers or special abilities like that, but he’s always ready for a fight. DW is a tough kid, but she’s just not old enough to try to take down Daniel. His abilities are simply on another level at the moment and she would need a good time skip to really close the gap between them. it’s possible, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Daniel LaRusso wins.

2 thoughts on “Daniel LaRusso vs DW

  1. I get it, DW’s so punchable. But Daniel would never hit a girl that didn’t hit him, and DW is untrained compared to him, from what I remember. What next, Ned Stark vs. Hordak?/s

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