Daniel LaRusso vs Daniel Sousa

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is a strong hand to hand fighter and I dare say that he would be able to defeat Sousa head to head. That being said, Sousa has guns at the ready so he has the immediate advantage here. Sousa has been in his share of firefights so he’s ready to dodge and fire at the drop of a hat. LaRusso’s fists won’t be able to get close enough to Sousa to be able to deal the finishing blow. Daniel Sousa wins.

Gigan vs Daniel Sousa

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel was never the greatest character out there. He’s a nice enough chap to be sure, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t say that he gets results. Gigan can blast him into oblivion with no real effort and there’s nothing Daniel would be able to do about it. Bullets don’t hurt Gigan and Daniel is basically out of options at that point. This is just a lopsided match that isn’t in his favor. Gigan wins.

Corrin vs Daniel Sousa

Let’s face it, Daniel’s one of the most hardcore names on the planet. That being said, Daniel Sousa is a pretty despicable character who is incorrectly referred to as a nice guy. “You’ll get no sympathy from me” finally means something in this context. Corrin can easily take down Daniel and I’m pretty sure that Corrin is more deserving of the nice guy title. He has every fighting advantage possible here so this won’t be much of a fight. Corrin wins.