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Little Mac vs Corrin

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac has returned to try and climb up the rankings, but he won’t be able to surpass a fighter as adept as Corrin. Corrin has water abilities at her disposal and can also transform into a dragon. At the end of the day Little Mac is basically just a normal boxer who can turn giant. There’s not much he can do here. Corrin wins.

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Corrin vs Maka

Suggested by Sonic Corrin and Maka are both close combat fighters who excel in sword/scythe fighting styles. Corrin has great technique and is even part dragon which may give her the edge in raw power over Maka. However, Maka has great speed as she has shown many times over the course of Soul Eater and has also obtained a nice super form in the manga. It would be difficult for Corrin to land enough hits to take her down even if she may have the better equipment. Maka wins.

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Corrin vs Adonis

This is a tribute to Creed! Adonis wasn’t a terrible main character or anything like that, but he has a ways to go to become the next Rocky. As it stands, he could have been better so he’ll have to take a loss here. Corrin’s flame sword of justice will definitely keep Adonis honest and Adonis doesn’t have the physical ability to keep up with Corrin. Corrin is just too fast and too talented. Corrin wins.

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Corrin vs Bass

Everything must end at some point and that includes Corrin’s win streak. He and She has a pretty powerful sword, but Bass has a barrier which can easily repel any attack of that level. One Darkness Overload or Earthbreaker and it’s game over for Corrin. Still, Corrin should have a fairly bright future on the blog and with the character quickly approaching the legendary Super Sm4sh title, there should be many more wins in store for her and him. For now, Bass remains as the king of the blog! Bass wins.

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Corrin vs Daniel Sousa

Let’s face it, Daniel’s one of the most hardcore names on the planet. That being said, Daniel Sousa is a pretty despicable character who is incorrectly referred to as a nice guy. “You’ll get no sympathy from me” finally means something in this context. Corrin can easily take down Daniel and I’m pretty sure that Corrin is more deserving of the nice guy title. He has every fighting advantage possible here so this won’t be much of a fight. Corrin wins.

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Corrin vs Jack Harper

This is a tribute to Oblivion! Jack Harper couldn’t keep the proper perspective of the bigger picture during the film and didn’t handle anything very well. He may have a gun, but Corrin has a lot of fighting experience. She can easily run rings around him and a single stab would be enough to win this round. Jack Harper is completely and thoroughly outclassed here, which means game over for him. Corrin has claimed victory in her debut round! Corrin wins.