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Simon vs Arthur

Suggested by Destroyer Simon is much more of a fighter than Arthur will ever be. It’s not a slight against Arthur, but he’s just not really much of a fighter. He’s a kid who does his best and Simon should be able to take him down without really injuring the kid. Simon’s stats are just that much better than Arthur’s and it will really show in this matchup. Simon wins.

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Simon vs Bowser

Suggested by Sonic Now this match is a little trickier than the last 4. As I mentioned in an earlier match, Simon isn’t the strongest fighter out there. He’s good with his weapons, but I just don’t know how he will handle the more supernatural type villains like Bowser. He did beat Dracula though so you gotta give him some props there. Bowser will make things difficult with his Giga Bowser mode and his arsenal of magical abilities, but at the end of the day Simon’s speed should be what gives him the edge here. Bowser will just have to fall back for now. Simon wins.

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Simon vs Link

Suggested by Sonic Simon is a pretty powerful hunter. He had to be in order to vanquish an opponent as powerful as Dracula. Still, he isn’t quite ready to handle the Hero of Time. Link’s swordsmanship is way better than Simon’s and the green garbed hero also has many other weapons at his disposal. Simon would have absolutely no way to escape the onslaught of attacks and so I’m afraid he is doomed here. He just can’t stand up to Link in any area. Link wins.

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Richter Belmont vs Simon

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty tricky fight. Simon is a little stronger than Richter, but loses out in speed. Then you’ve got the fact that supposedly each Belmont grows more powerful than the last one. Richter came after Simon so in theory he has the edge. The problem is that he has had less time to show off his abilities compared to Simon. It’s very possible that this match would be overturned some day, but at this point in time I’m inclined to say that Simon takes the victory here. Simon wins.

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Simon vs Maria (Castlevania)

Well I’m afraid that Maria (castlevania) just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Simon. Simon is just too powerful and rarely loses. He doesn’t lose to just anyone and thats why he wins this match. Simon is a pretty tough fighter with a whip stronger than some swords. Simon wins.