Richter Belmont vs Red Pikmin

Suggested by Sonic Richter Belmont has returned and now it’s time for him to show why the Red Pikmin is no match. Pikmin are good when they are in a group since it’s hard to take them all down at the same time. When there is just one though, it is no real threat. Richter has the considerable edge in combat and won’t even need any of his weapons to win this round. The Pikmin just doesn’t stand a chance. Richter Belmont wins.

Richter Belmont vs Lucas

Suggested by Sonic While Lucas may not be the most popular PK kid on the block, he’s still got enough skills to make it on his own. Richter has his holy water and the chains of fury, but he’ll have a hard time landing any hits on Lucas. Lucas can blast away at Richter with his meteors or his fire abilities. Either way that’ll put an end to Richter’s attempts at victory. At the end of the day Belmont has no way to stop these attacks from landing. Lucas wins.

Richter Belmont vs Simon

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty tricky fight. Simon is a little stronger than Richter, but loses out in speed. Then you’ve got the fact that supposedly each Belmont grows more powerful than the last one. Richter came after Simon so in theory he has the edge. The problem is that he has had less time to show off his abilities compared to Simon. It’s very possible that this match would be overturned some day, but at this point in time I’m inclined to say that Simon takes the victory here. Simon wins.

Richter Belmont vs Sasuke

Richter Belmont is definitely a pretty talented fighter. He may not be quite as well known as Simon, but he definitely does get the job done. Unfortunately for him this is not a match that he can hope to win. Sasuke is considerably faster and stronger than Richter. Richter will also have to spend the whole fight trying not to look at Sasuke or he may find himself in an illusion that he is unable to break out of. It’s an uphill battle from start to finish. Sasuke wins.

Richter Belmont vs Akira

Suggested by Sonic Akira is a great hand to hand fighter. To say that he is exceptional would not even be an overstatement. That being said, Richter has his number here. Richter is very efficient with his chain which already makes his attack range far greater than Akira’s. He also has a bunch of weapons, potions, and spells which will completely overwhelm Akira. There isn’t much that he can do against such a fighter. Richter Belmont wins.