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Alucard vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a pretty tough mage. She may need to talk to use most of her spells, but it usually isn’t an incredible weakness since she talks pretty quickly. That being said, Alucard does have super speed and an array of magical spells of his own. While their spells may be roughly equal Alucard completely outranks her physically. He simply won’t give her enough time to use her own techniques so ultimately she will be the one getting overwhelmed. Alucard wins.

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Alucard vs Frieza

Suggested by Destroyer Alucard has returned, but fighting with Dracula won’t be enough to prepare him against the Universal Emperor. Frieza has gotten a lot of hype over the years. As a result his power level has continued to grow and he can be considered to be in the top 1% of media characters in terms of power. Alucard’s sword will do nothing here and Frieza could possibly vaporize him just by powering up. Lets not even throw in his Golden Form, that’d just be overkill. Frieza wins.

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Riku vs Alucard

Riku and Alucard are both fighters who use darkness in order to stop the evil that plagues their world while resisting its influences. This is certainly a tricky fight as Riku has better long range options while Alucard is better in close range. If he can get a good slash or two in, then it is game over Riku. This is where the speed difference is critical and I don’t think that it will be overcome. This is certainly one of the trickier matches of late, but the Vampire has the edge. With Kingdom Hearts III finally coming out in the next few years, this can certainly change. Alucard wins.

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Balerion the Black Dread vs Alucard

Balerion the Black Dread is one of the strongest dragons that we have in the mythos and the Game of Thrones has likely increased his popularity dramatically. We can’t doubt the overwhelming power that he has at its disposal. That being said, Alucard has the edge in this round. He is much faster than Balerion and I have every bit of confidence in his flame sword’s ability to pierce the beast. Balerion the Black Dread may have lost the round, but the war is not over! Alucard wins.

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Alucard vs Buu

Alucard is definitely a pretty cool fighter, but he’s outmatched against Buu. Buu can wipe away whole planets in an instant and his speed is simply in a different league. Alucard’s flaming sword attack could deal some massive damage if it were to hit Buu, but the pink guy’s regenerative abilities would be able to compensate. Alucard is just doomed this time. Buu wins.