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Balerion the Black Dread vs Alucard

Balerion the Black Dread is one of the strongest dragons that we have in the mythos and the Game of Thrones has likely increased his popularity dramatically. We can’t doubt the overwhelming power that he has at its disposal. That being said, Alucard has the edge in this round. He is much faster than Balerion and I have every bit of confidence in his flame sword’s ability to pierce the beast. Balerion the Black Dread may have lost the round, but the war is not over! Alucard wins.

2 thoughts on “Balerion the Black Dread vs Alucard”

  1. Crap…Meant Alucard from Hellsing. Oh well. I doubt the flaming sword would do much against Balerion as dragons from GoT are essentially living fire themselves. E.g. when a basic dragon in GoT was shot with an arrow, the arrow melted. I reckon he could stay out of Alucard’s reach and breather flames of doom upon him.

    1. No worries, just uploaded another fight for that scenario. I’m not sure about Balerion being immune to the flaming sword. His fire resistance will definitely negate the explosion effect of the sword, but it would still cause some damage. Staying out of Alucard’s reach won’t really be possible because Alucard’s speed is much greater than Balerion’s and we can’t forget about his teleportation. Alucard also has some dark magic to back him up as well.

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