Gul’dan vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Gul’dan has some powerful spells at his disposal but that’s nothing Zatanna hasn’t handled before. Her magical power greatly exceeds even that of his. She has been able to knock back opponents such as Mary Marvel and Lobo, even using magic to augment her physical abilities. Gul’dan is no slouch in the power department either but he can’t beat her in sheer magical power and doesn’t have enough speed to dodge. Zatanna wins.

Lady Shiva vs Zatanna

Suggested by Sonic I’ve never been all that impressed with Zatanna’s magical abilities. That’s due in large part to her usually relying on non offensive spells in the shows. Still, we do know that she has some pretty solid abilities from the comics. If Shiva can get in close she will end this in an instant but realistically she should not be able to reach Zatanna in time. Zatanna has mastery over all of the elements and is also a pretty decent hand to hand fighter. When you mix all of that together, Shiva is out of luck no matter how good her hand to hand skills are. Zatanna wins.

Vivienne vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Vivienne has some pretty good magical spells at her disposal. Her ice staff is formidable, but one things that hurts her here is how we haven’t really gotten to see what she can do. Vivienne has had less opportunities to use her powers in combat compared to Zatanna. Zatanna has fought against many foes and while speaking backwards may seem like something that would slow her down, she has been accustomed to fighting that way. Her sheer magical might will overpower Vivienne. Zatanna wins.

Archmage vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Archmage is a powerful villain who grew even more formidable once he obtained the 3 magical relics. In this form he is very hard to stop, but Zatanna’s magic is still more powerful. SHe has gone up against foes like Green Lantern and Mary Marvel in the past. She has certainly proven herself to be without a doubt one of the more formidable mages out there. Archmage doesn’t have the speed needed to dodge her attacks and he won’t be able to match her offense. Zatanna wins.

Alucard vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a pretty tough mage. She may need to talk to use most of her spells, but it usually isn’t an incredible weakness since she talks pretty quickly. That being said, Alucard does have super speed and an array of magical spells of his own. While their spells may be roughly equal Alucard completely outranks her physically. He simply won’t give her enough time to use her own techniques so ultimately she will be the one getting overwhelmed. Alucard wins.

Zatanna vs Kaiba

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a tough magician but she’s had quite a few tough fights on the blog lately. This one won’t be any easier as Kaiba has amassed an incredible army of fighters over the years. I don’t really thinks she can do much against his Egyptian God Cards and Kaiba still has dozens of other monsters to back them up. Zatanna won’t be given enough time to use her spells against Kaiba and as a result she’s gonna have to take a tough loss here. Kaiba wins.

Zatanna vs Asta

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a powerful spellcaster, but this is a rough matchup for her. Asta’s swords can negate/reflect all magics. She can still use her spells to throw objects at him which aren’t made of magic, but he’ll be able to either dodge them or slice them apart anyway. Asta’s physical strength is incredibly impressive and will really serve him well in this match up. Zatanna just won’t be able to keep this match to mid-range where she would have a chance. Asta wins.

Rias Gremory vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these two fighters are powerful spellcasters. That being said, Rias can fight more effectively than Zatanna from afar with her disintegration spells. Zatanna has better hand to hand skills so that could help her in a close combat situation but that would be incredibly risky since one hit from Rias would equal death and Rias is also no slouch in the speed department. She’s simply a more balanced all around fighter than Zatanna. Rias Gremory wins.

Tsotha-Lanti vs Zatanna

Suggested by IKnowledge Tsotha-Lanti is an evil wizard who opposes Conan. There’s not much data on his abilities aside from his reputation. It seems like this guy typically prefers to stick to the shadows and certainly doesn’t have as much actual combat experience as Zatanna. She has taken on many threats and even knows some hand to hand skills for when magic is not enough. Tsotha-Lanti is not nearly as versatile and his age ensures that he won’t be dodging any attacks. This will be a rather easy win for the reverse mage. Zatanna wins.

Batman vs Zatanna

Batman and zatanna
Zatanna is pretty good at using magic, but that won’t be enough to defeat the Dark Knight. Batman has a lot of gadgets and he’s also a better hand to hand fighter. While the magic would be dangerous for him, Batman’s speed and power can end this in one hit. He just needs to hit first. Batman wins.