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Zatanna vs Asta

Suggested by iKnowledge Zatanna is a powerful spellcaster, but this is a rough matchup for her. Asta’s swords can negate/reflect all magics. She can still use her spells to throw objects at him which aren’t made of magic, but he’ll be able to either dodge them or slice them apart anyway. Asta’s physical strength is incredibly impressive and will really serve him well in this match up. Zatanna just won’t be able to keep this match to mid-range where she would have a chance. Asta wins.

7 thoughts on “Zatanna vs Asta”

  1. I’m not a fan of Black Clover, and don’t know much about it entirely, but if Zatanna can say “Tasa nruT otni to tosne” (Asta, turn to stone), I doubt his sword will be of much use. His powers probably can’t be of use if he’s stone, for he’ll be mute.

    1. Well, I think the stone wouldn’t work because the sword would just stop it, the hand connected to the sword would be protected and he can quickly tap himself with the hilt to prevent it from working. He did something similar in the manga when someone tried using a curse. Zatanna would have to separate him from the sword first which would be difficult

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