Igniz vs Kurata

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Igniz is definitely a pretty strong opponent. He’s quite skilled in close quarters combat and would get the upper hand against Kurata. That being said, Kurata has that robot he built which is incredibly durable. He also managed to fuse with Belphemon at one point which increases his abilities further. I don’t believe Igniz would be able to fight against that. His hits would eventually accumulate damage but I think it would be too little, too late to be of any help here. Kurata wins.


3 thoughts on “Igniz vs Kurata

  1. I can see Igniz winning against Kurata if he doesn’t use his Gizumon or Belphemon.
    Igniz could do well against Gizumon, but if there were more, i can’t see him winning easily.
    Igniz would have a good fight with Belphemon
    If Kurata fused with Belphemon though, Igniz wouldn’t win easily.
    So, yeah, i can see Kurata winning this. It would be amazing battle in my opinion since both are cool villains

    • Right, without Gizumon or Belphemon, I definitely agree that Igniz wins this handily. Even if we just take out Belphemon then it actually gets pretty close. I could kind of see it going either way, but it would depend on if Igniz could deal enough damage before taking a counter hit

      • True, Igniz may be able to inflict some damage, but not defeat Kurata if he uses Gizumon and/or Belphemon. It would be a good fight to see

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