Solomon Grundy vs Yusuke

Suggested by iKnowledge Solomon Grundy is definitely a strong fighter, but he’s got nothing on Yusuke. Yusuke’s power was already enough to take on high level demons like Toguro and that was before he tapped into his own demonic energies. Grundy may be nearly immortal, but he’ll definitely be feeling Yusuke’s attacks. I don’t think he will be able to stand up to them for very long and will ultimately be doomed to go down. The difference in speed is also something he’ll need to watch out for. Yusuke wins.

2 thoughts on “Solomon Grundy vs Yusuke

  1. Grundy should still have a chance of winning. Simply because at his most powerful, he beat Superman. This was before Crisis on Infinite Earths-,, If not there’s always this:

    In the style of the Injustice fight quotes:
    Yusuke: (cheekily to Solomon Grundy) Hey, Frankenstein! Your wife and boss called! They miss you!.

    • Grundy was crazy strong for sure. Even in the animated show after his power up he was wasting Superman. Still, while his power is great, it’ll be tough for him to deal with Yusuke’s long range capabilities. He’s also not exactly the fastest fighter out there which will hurt him. He has been able to tag Superman in their fights of course though so Yusuke can’t underestimate his reaction times

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