Nico Minoru vs Rias Gremory

Suggested by iKnowledge Nico Minoru is a pretty strong mage in the Marvel universe who isn’t quite as well known as she could be as the Runaways just never broke out in the same way as the more popular Marvel teams. She does have a big weakness as she can only use each kind of spell once though. Either way Rias is considerably faster than Nico though so the spells won’t be of much help. Rias also has energy blasts of her own which would easily disintegrate Nico. Rias Gremory wins.

Rias Gremory vs Bass

Rias Gremory is a strong fighter and she can fly which is always useful in a fight. However, Bass can fly as well and he even has super speed to help give him even more of an edge. I can say with certainty that having a crazy amount of speed and power at your disposal is usually enough to claim victory. Rias won’t come any closer than the other opponents who have gone up against Bass, but at least she’ll try her best. Bass wins.

Rias Gremory vs Zatanna

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these two fighters are powerful spellcasters. That being said, Rias can fight more effectively than Zatanna from afar with her disintegration spells. Zatanna has better hand to hand skills so that could help her in a close combat situation but that would be incredibly risky since one hit from Rias would equal death and Rias is also no slouch in the speed department. She’s simply a more balanced all around fighter than Zatanna. Rias Gremory wins.