Gabrielle vs Kasumi

Suggested by iKnowledge Gabrielle is a pretty tough fighter who was personally trained by Xena. She’s taken on gods in the past and has a great amount of stamina. In terms of pure hand to hand combat she would likely defeat Kasumi since she is physically stronger. That being said, Kasumi has her ki based abilities which will give her a real shot here. While the techniques aren’t ultra powerful, they will supplement Kasumi’s natural fighting abilities enough to make this her advantage. Kasumi wins.

Lady Shiva vs Kasumi

Suggested by iKnowledge Kasumi can teleport and her attacks are nearly as powerful as Ayane’s. Shiva won’t be able to match this level of combat. While her expertise in martial arts will allow her to mitigate the damage as much as possible, she will still be on the defensive here. You can’t win a match without attacking and Shiva simply won’t be in a position to launch too many attacks. Kasumi wins.