Eliot vs Robin (Tim)

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these guys are very good at hand to hand combat. It’s hard to say who would be better. My money would be on Eliot by a tad although it would be a really good fight. What works in Tim’s favor though are his gadgets. He’s got quite a lot of them at the ready and they would be able to overwhelm Eliot. You can’t really defeat someone who’s close to your equal in skill who’s got so many better tools than what you’ve got. Robin (Tim) wins.

Alex Rider vs Robin (Tim)

Suggested by Sonic Alex Rider is a pretty decent agent. He has quite a lot of gadgets at his disposal and as the books went on he did get proper training in hand to hand combat. Still, there’s a big difference between ordinary training and being trained by Batman. Robin’s gadgets are better and he’s also the superior fighter so that leaves Alex Rider out of luck right off the bat. There’s just not a whole lot that he can really do against Robin here. For Robin it would just be like taking down another minion. Robin (Tim) wins.

Android 18 vs Robin (Tim)

Android 18 is back and I’m afraid that Tim Drake has no chance against her. He’s an exceptional fighter in hand to hand combat, but that isn’t enough against a foe who can destroy whole planets. Android 18 is much faster than Robin and she has a lot of good techniques at her disposal. Tim will be lucky to get out of there alive! Android 18 wins.

Robin (Tim) vs Jubilee

Robin (Tim) is a pretty good fighter and usually he would definitely be able to hold his own against Jubilee. The problem is that Jubilee turned into a Vampire and she has obtained a lot of skills over the years. She also changed identities at one point and got a decent amount of super strength and flight abilities. That’s definitely nothing to sneeze at and it’s enough to beat Tim Drake. Jubilee wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs Robin (Tim)

This is a tribute to the Karate Kid 3! Daniel LaRusso may have talked a good game, but when it got time to fight, he was beaten pretty fast! Daniel LaRusso just can’t keep up in hand to hand combat, and that’s definitely a bad sign when you’re up against Tim Drake! Robin (Tim) wins.

Superman vs Robin (Tim)

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Poor Robin hasn’t won a round in a while. That will change…but not today! Robin may be skilled, but he’s no match for Superman. Superman’s much too powerful for him and would win this round pretty fast. Superman continues to get win after win after win…pretty cool! Superman wins.

Batman vs Robin (Tim)

Batman is up against another Robin! Tim Drake was a pretty good fighter, but he was never quite as good as Batman. Plus, Batman has a lot of super powers at his disposal. That could definitely turn the tide in the longrun. Robin (Tim) may have lost, but he’ll be back someday. Batman wins.

War Machine vs Robin (Tim)

War Machine is a pretty powerful fighter and with his powerful armmamant of weapons and rockets he can’t lose!…right? Well he wins this round because Robin lacks power ups. Robin can put up a pretty good fight, but War Machine has too much equipment. War Machine rises up the ranks with this win. War Machine wins.