Godzilla vs ROB

Suggested by Destroyer ROB is a powerful robot who even gave the Super Smash crew a run for their money. His lasers are pretty impressive but ultimately I still see him falling here. Godzilla is just a few magnitudes stronger than ROB at this point so he would still be able to claim victory here. His lack of speed can’t easily be exploited by ROB either. Godzilla wins.

ROB vs Wario

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for ROB to jump back into the fray. This one’s a pretty interesting case since neither opponent is really all that strong. ROB has a lot of lasers as we’ve discussed but Wario has his Wario Man form. I guess as of now I’d give Wario the slight edge here. The flight will come in handy and Wario has shown a good amount of super strength in the past so his attacks will deal a lot of damage. ROB’s no lightweight, but the damage will add up very quickly. Wario wins.

ROB vs Marth

Suggested by Sonic Marth may be known as a close quarters fighter so you’d expect him to be at a disadvantage here, but he still has the sheer range and attack power to deal with ROB. ROB will have a hard time landing a hit on Marth and once the swordsman has appeared within range it’ll all be over. ROB’s only chance is to end the match right away and otherwise Marth will seize the lead. I just don’t think ROB is strong enough to pull such a plan off. Marth wins.

ROB vs Mega Man

Suggested by Sonic Mega Man has dozens of different special powers that he has accumulated over the years. ROB has some nice lasers and other projectiles at his disposal, but he is completely outmatched in that regard. Mega Man was built to destroy robots like ROB. In comparison ROB has no real experience fighting other super powered fighters and won’t last for very long in the ring. Mega Man wins.

Sonic vs ROB

Suggested by Sonic Sonic’s a pretty fast guy. Lets not forget that he’s the one who ended the whole Subspace war single handily. ROB would be wise to just stay out of his way. That being said, he does have a lot of long range options and should be able to cause Sonic a little discomfort. I don’t think the victor will ever be in doubt here, but at least ROB can make things interesting until Sonic gets bored and ends this. Sonic wins.

Snake vs ROB

Suggested by Sonic Time for Snake to go up against a robot. ROB may look fairly unimpressive, but don’t let his design fool you. This guy’s a fighter through and through. He’s got lasers for days and will very quickly begin to take the advantage here against Snake. Snake has more guns on his side, but he just doesn’t have anything durable enough to withstand ROB’s counter attacks. Throw in the fact that ROB can effectively fly through his hover boosts and Snake will have a hard time staying out of the line of fire. ROB wins.

Red Luma vs ROB

The Red Luma is a foe to be feared, but he doesn’t have the raw power needed to take ROB down for the count. ROB has a lot of powerful moves at his disposal that can damage his opponent in short and long range scenarios. Red Luma is definitely not the best fighter when battling at a distance and ROB will be able to use this to his advantage in the win. ROB wins.

Inspector Gadget vs ROB

Inspector Gadget is one of those guys that you can beat pretty easily, but if you underestimate him you could be in trouble! ROB has a lot of lasers that he really wouldn’t mind using. If they hit Inspector Gadget it’ll all be over. Inspector Gadget may be back someday, but not today. ROB wins.

Blob vs ROB

The Blob is a pretty strong guy. It’s hard to lift him if he doesn’t want to be lifted. Still, Mario and friends couldn’t really do much damage to ROB. ROB has a lot of lasers and can spam them while shooting all kinds of items. It’s hard to beat someone when you can’t get close to them. ROB wins.