Daniel LaRusso vs Catherine Frensky

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is a pretty tough guy. While he is most famous for being the Karate Kid, he ultimately did grow up and even ended up learning some pretty good fighting skills. Catherine isn’t ready to handle someone like him. Pure training goes a long way after all and Catherine just was never a fighter like that. It’s hard to see her being able to stay in the ring and score a win here. Daniel LaRusso wins.

Catherine Frensky vs Mr Game and Watch

Suggested by Destroyer Catherine seems like a pretty nice person so it’s almost a shame that she has to go up against someone as skilled as Mr Game and Watch. He will keep throwing his bacon to keep Catherine off balance and then he can blow her away with his toot horns. There just isn’t much she can do against a formidable 2D opponent like Game and Watch. His experience will carry him far. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Catherine Frensky

This is a tribute to the 9th Sherlock Holmes film. It’s time for his final fight for a bit as he tangles with Catherine this time. Catherine Frensky is a pretty good ice skater and she’s certainly a tough fighter who simply won’t go down very easily. All that being said, I don’t think she is quite ready to handle someone like Sherlock Holmes this time around. He’s just a little tougher than she is and has more attack options up his sleeve. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Catherine Frensky vs Rainbow Dash

Catherine Frensky hasn’t appeared on the blog for quite a while and that’s been a good thing for her. This couldn’t last though and now she’s up against one of the legendary Ponies! Rainbow Dash’s speed is incredible and it’s safe to say that she could fly rings around Catherine. One high speed tackle should equal game over for the teen. Rainbow Dash wins.

Catherine Frensky vs Biollante

It’s time to phone in another loss. Catherine Frensky doesn’t have the strength needed to take down a Kaiju. Biollante took on Godzilla in the past and I don’t believe that Catherine could match this feat. She’s pretty intense when it all boils down to a close, but that simply won’t be enough. Biollante wins.

Catherine Frensky vs The BioLizard

Catherine Frensky is back, but she can’t win this fight. The BioLizard is just far too powerful. With one beam it can take down many fighters. Catherine Frensky just happens to be one of them. With this loss she falls down the blog ranks, but maybe she won’t have to fight again for a while. The BioLizard wins.

Catherine Frensky vs Space Godzilla

Catherine Frensky is back, but she’s fighting a match that she can’t possibly win. Space Godzilla is just too powerful. With one blast he could wipe her off the face of the earth. She just lacks the speed and power needed to win. Catherine Frensky will be back…but is that even a good thing for her! Space Godzilla wins.

Catherine Frensky vs Lazerman

Lazerman has the disruption beam! With it he can take out many formidable fighters! Catherine Frensky is one of them. While she’s not tough she loses to Lazerman easy enough. She just lacked the speed and power that he has. One day she’ll be back too fight…and maybe she’ll win! Lazerman wins.

Catherine Frensky vs Betty Boop

Catherine Frensky has always been one of the tougher Arthur characters. Because she is older she has more fighting experience than say….Arthur Timothy Reed. Betty Boop may be more popular, but if it came down to a fight I think she’d lose to Catherine Frensky. Catherine Frensky rises in the blog. Catherine Frensky wins.