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Pinkie Pie vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer Pinkie Pie may not be the best fighter from the Mane 6, but she does have her party cannon so she can score a few hits every once in a while. The Turkey would have a hard time trying to stop her. He can’t really fight all that well and has no special abilities. Pinkie Pie is a lot faster and wins in just about every category so this would end up being a pretty quick battle. Pinkie Pie wins.

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Pinkie Pie vs Buster

Suggested by Destroyer Buster is back, but he has less of a shot than in his last match. Pinkie Pie has her party cannon which can be a serious projectile. She doesn’t even need to load it, she can throw Buster in and that’ll be it for him. He can’t hope to match her abilities and will be left utterly confused by how crazy she is. Pinkie Pie certainly leaves an impact on everyone she meets and Buster will be no exception. Pinkie Pie wins.

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Pinkie Pie vs Bass

Pinkie Pie is back, but I’m afraid that she will have to take a loss. Pinkie Pie is a very cool character, but not even she may be allowed to escape the blog without taking a loss. Bass is the strongest character on the site so it is only fitting that she should lose to such an opponent. Pinkie Pie may be back at some point! Bass wins.

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Pinkie Pie vs Nemo

Pinkie Pie makes her blog debut and it’s about time! If you read my Friendship is Magic review, then you will know that Pinkie Pie is my favorite out of the Mane 6. I was surprised since I had been expecting that honor to go to Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle, but Pinkie Pie completely out shined the other characters. She’s always prepared and can be a tough customer. Nemo has no shot in this round. Pinkie Pie wins.