Thumbelina (DC) vs Silk

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina’s best decision here would be to not use her powers at all but of course that’s not going to help her win either. Silk isn’t primarily a fighter but she is still a netnavi and will have better physical stats than Thumbelina. Trying to secure a win under these conditions would be tough for Thumbelina. It won’t be a flashy fight but Silk has this all the way. Silk wins.

Pinkie Pie vs Thumbelina (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina has always been an interesting character. It’s great that she’s a crimefighter but the ability to turn small never really seems like a good thing. At least for Ant Man he keeps his relative strength but that isn’t quite the case for her. So Thumbelina’s best bet is actually not to use her powers. Either way that won’t be enough to win though although it may at least buy her a bit of time. At the end of the day I think that’s all she can really hope for here. Pinkie Pie wins.

Jirass vs Thumbelina (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina is a character who can turn small and you can see how that might not be very helpful in this scenario right? I suppose Thumbelina can try to dodge Jirass’ strikes just by virtue of being so small. Perhaps that will give her the edge in a way. All I’m saying is that it’s definitely a possibility but even then only for a little wile. Without any way to actually injure Jirass this is ultimately a futile endeavor. You can’t win on defense alone. Eventually you need to strike. Jirass wins.

Derpy vs Thumbelina (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina is back, but she won’t have any better luck here. Derpy isn’t much of a fighter either, but she could just tackle Thumbelina and be done with it. Derpy can fly and has helped out in times of crisis so it’s not as if she would be completely defenseless. She would be able to tough it out through this fight. Derpy wins.

Pac Man vs Thumbelina (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina is a nice kid, but she is not ready to win a fight like this. For starters she is too small for her physical attacks to deal any real damage. Second off, Pac-Man is designed to face off against enemies from long range. He can fly into the sky and rain down a series of attacks on her. There would be no escape from them and she has no defensive abilities. Pac Man wins.

Battra vs Thumbelina (DC)

Thumbelina (DC) is back, but can she hope to defeat Battra? I don’t think that she will be able to defeat such a powerful foe. Battra can shoot some intense energy blasts and if one of them were to hit Thumbelina (DC), I think she would definitely be out of the fight. Battra wins.

Rodan vs Thumbelina (DC)

Rodan can fly at pretty intense speeds and his physical power is pretty immense. Thumbelina (DC) may be quick, but she’s definitely not as fast as Rodan. One good tackle should earn Rodan the win in this round. Thumbelina (DC) drops down the ranks with this loss, but she put in a good effort. Rodan wins.

Titanosaurus vs Thumbelina (DC)

Thumbelina (DC) is back, but she’s up against yet another kaiju. Titanosaurus is extremely powerful and he’s definitely a winner in the longrun. He’s not about to be defeated in this round and he takes the win. Maybe Thumbelina (DC) will be back for a win for a change one day. Titanosaurus wins.

Anguirus vs Thumbelina (DC)

Thumbelina (DC) may seem to be a tough fighter, but few can keep their composure when they’re around a giant kaiju. Anguirus has got enough power to take on guys like Godzilla in the past! Thumbelina (DC) probably couldn’t do that and this is one round that she definitely loses. Anguirus wins.

Thumbelina (DC) vs Orga

Thumbelina (DC) is a pretty tough person when she needs to be, but in the end she won’t be able to take down Orga. Orga is a kaiju of immense power and one good shot should be enough to take Thumbelina (DC) down. Thumbelina (DC) may have lost, but she may be back. Orga wins.