Gemini Saga vs Silk

Gemini Saga is back again. This time he’s gonna be up against Silk! Silk hasn’t fought in a while, but in this battle she finally has the chance to win back her pride and jump up the ranks. Of course she can’t hope to take down someone as powerful as Gemini Saga and falls down the ranks. Gemini Saga wins.


Hikaru Shidou vs Silk

Hikaru Shidou has a sword and is experienced in sword fighting. Silk may know how to save whole buildings with her incredible intelligence, but in the end that’s not quite enough to win. Hikaru Shidou is more of a fighter and can still defeat Silk. Silk takes a loss. Hikaru Shidou wins.

Silk vs Emily Elizabeth

Emily Elizabeth is here to see to it that Silk never gets a win. Sadly for her Silk has surpassed her and gros stronger still. Silk gets her first win and instantly jumps over a hundred characters in one match. Cools. Silk wins.

Porunga vs Silk

Porunga is basically a beefed up Shenron. He can’t lose to Silk. Silk could try fighting him, but she wouldn’t be able to win. Silk is just not a fighter and will never be one. Porunga wins.

Shenron vs Silk

Silk can’t really fight much and has no wins. Because of this Shenron is here to get a free win. He could just tackle her and win. Silk just can’t handle this kind of power. Shenron wins.

Cosmic Clone vs Silk

This is the closest match in the blog so far. They are both so weak that it’s hard to tell who’s weaker. In the end Cosmic Clone wins because he is a bit more athletic but Silk was close to taking him out for good. Cosmic Clone wins.

Silk vs Green Crusher Militaryman

Green Crusher Militaryman is about as tough as Pink Crusher Militaryman. Silk couldn’t beat him. This is Silk’s final Megaman fight so I hope she had fun. Because she’s going to be in last for a while. Green Crusher Militaryman wins.

Silk vs Pink Crusher Militaryman

Silk is a medical navi who never backs down from a fight. Or at least I’d hope not. Pink Crusher Militaryman can throw rock cubes. That means he’s a lot stronger and tougher than Silk. Pink Crusher Militaryman wins.

Silk vs Greenman

Greenman can’t fight. But Silk can’t either. That’s why both of them are so weak that it hurts. Greenman must be a little tough, because to get in the N1 Grand Prix you needed enough wins beforehand. Greenman wins.

Silk vs Normal Navi

Normal Navi is one of the more normal navi’s. There’s just nothing special about him. He has a cyber sword and a cannon. With these weapons he can easily beat Silk. Silk can always hope for a win. Normal Navi wins.