Hikaru Shidou vs Hikaru (Go)

Suggested by Destroyer Hikaru Shidou has a magical sword and even without her mech she would be able to take this kid down. Playing Go is great and all but it’s no substitute for a few well places slashes and attacks. I don’t think he would last long here as she would dominate the match from start to finish. Not even the divine move would be enough to even the playing field. Hikaru Shidou wins.

Hikaru Shidou vs Jeri

Hikaru Shidou is back and she takes this match. With her sword skills and a giant mecha it’d be hard to lose. Jeri has Leomon, but Giant Mecha’s beat digimon sometimes. This is one of those times. Jeri just didn’t have the skills to win this match, but she’ll be back one of these days. Hikaru Shidou wins.

Hikaru Shidou vs Bass

Hikaru Shidou is back, but she’s not quite a match for Bass. Bass has abilities that are far beyond most fighters. They just can’t compete with the legendary Bass. Bass has his earthbreaker and with it he can destroy whole planets! Hikaru Shidou’s robot, but it’s not enough to take on Bass. Bass wins.

Hikaru Shidou vs Silk

Hikaru Shidou has a sword and is experienced in sword fighting. Silk may know how to save whole buildings with her incredible intelligence, but in the end that’s not quite enough to win. Hikaru Shidou is more of a fighter and can still defeat Silk. Silk takes a loss. Hikaru Shidou wins.

Hikaru Shidou vs Diaboromon

Diaboromon is a monster of immense power. There aren’t many who can defeat him. Maybe none. His power is just too incredible for most fighters. No one has ever defeated him and I don’t think any ever will. Diaboromon wins.

Hikaru has fire attacks and her giant robot so she takes the win. Hikaru Shidou wins.