Shenron vs Porunga

Suggested by Destroyer Shenron and Porunga can both grant wishes but only Porunga looks ready to throw a fight. Shenron has been destroyed several times over the years and has not really gotten to show off any impressive abilities thus far. That’s going to put him in a bad spot here as Porunga can just overwhelm him. Neither one of these two will be considered a top tier but there is definitely a difference in ability that should be noted. Porunga wins.

The BioLizard vs Shenron

The BioLizard is back and he’s up against the legendary Shenron. Shenron is a pretty imposing figure and he can try to wrap around The BioLizard and defeat him, but it won’t work. The BioLizard can fire beams of intense energy and end the match before it’s even begun. The BioLizard wins.

Space Godzilla vs Shenron

Space Godzilla is back and not even Shenron can sotp him! Shenron was never much of a fighter and can’t be expected to be able to take on Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla has fought with Godzilla! Now that’s pretty impressive. Shenron’s track record isn’t so good. Space Godzilla wins.

Shenron vs Lazerman

Lazerman has disruption beams which can take down Shenron fast. Of course Lazerman can also just use his hand to hand skills to take down Shenron. Shenron is a huge dragon, but he’s a little too big in the end. It makes it hard for him to dodge anything. Lazerman’s far too fast. Lazerman wins.