The BioLizard vs Shenron

The BioLizard is back and he’s up against the legendary Shenron. Shenron is a pretty imposing figure and he can try to wrap around The BioLizard and defeat him, but it won’t work. The BioLizard can fire beams of intense energy and end the match before it’s even begun. The BioLizard wins.

2 thoughts on “The BioLizard vs Shenron

  1. except shenron can warp the biolizard into the core of the earth or smth? he can basically do anything (except for death and such). the only reason he has died before he because of king piccolo taking him by surprise, which the biolizard more than likely can’t do due to his size. bio can shoot lasers and such sure, but where would he shoot them when he’s wished to the other side of the galaxy?

    • In that case, Sheron would simply be delaying the inevitable. Also, he would probably get blasted while working on the wishes. I doubt he has much control on his own.

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