Jirass vs Maggie Sawyer

Suggested by Destroyer Maggie Sawyer is a capable fighter who is good with a gun and even knows some basic hand to hand. That’s not really enough to take a Kaiju down though. Jirass stands tall above all mortal fighters and only needs one good hit to win this round. It’s just hard to overcome that gap without some significant power upgrades. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Frodo may be one of the chosen ones but he’s never really impressed me. The guy gets nervous at the drop of a hat and I wouldn’t exactly say he is a very good fighter either. So when you really get to the heart of the matter, the guy just doesn’t have a chance against Jirass. Jirass would easily crush him with physical blows. Frodo isn’t fast enough to escape either so there is no trick in his arsenal that can turn the tides. The fight will be a quick one. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Bob

Suggested by Destroyer Bob won’t do any better against Jirass than against Gomess. The reason for this is that the gap in power is just a little too much. Jirass can easily overwhelm bob with pure power and just start claiming wins left and right. Bob’s best bet here would be to try and escape but even if he can outrun Jirass, that probably wouldn’t work for very long. Bob’s options here are just very limited and at the end of the day that pretty much spells game over for him. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice kid but he’s not exactly a fighter. I don’t really think there is anything he could actually do to stop Jirass. Jirass is a Kaiju and so his durability exceeds that of what any normal human can hope to dish out in terms of damage. Jirass may not be very fast but it doesn’t matter since his size will allow him to cross such a distance with ease. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jirass is a powerful Kaiju. While he may not be one of the most well known ones out there, the guy left an impression. Jack Sparrow may have immortality to a degree, it doesn’t really help here. I’ve always been of the opinion that immortality can be more of a curse than a blessing since you’ll end up getting stomped into the dirt for all eternity if you live in a realm where there’s a fighter more powerful than you. That’s just how it goes sometimes and that’s what would happen here as Jirass will stomp Jack until he stays down. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer Jirass returns one last time to go up against Nemo. This could be a bit of a blowout if you think about it. Nemo isn’t really much of a fighter at all while Jirass’ whole character is about bringing down other monsters. The size difference can’t be ignored and the fact of the matter is that Nemo won’t be able to deal any damage. So when you look at it from that perspective, Nemo doesn’t stand a chance. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer A Python is a pretty impressive snake to be sure. They can grow to be quite large so most animals absolutely do not want to mess with them. That being said, Jirass is well equipped to handle any such opponent. A single chomp or tackle would take down most opponents who get in his way. A Python is a fairly skilled animal but that just won’t be enough. Jirass can just fall on the Python and that would end this match in an instant. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is one of those guys who can manage to take someone down if he has the element of surprise and they can’t fight back. He’s actually not really much of a fighter though. He would not last very long against a truly powerful opponent and I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone. Jirass is a Kaiju of unimaginable power. He won’t be going down very easily here and nothing Norman has up his sleeve can even deal any damage. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer I like the Crazy Bus. It may not have been a character that appeared in too many Arthur episodes but it had a lot of charisma and personality. The Crazy Bus clearly went mad a long time ago but continues to drive people around. If that isn’t dedication then I don’t know what is! That being said, Jirass definitely still has the edge here. That amount of raw power really can’t be messed with. I’d like to see the Crazy Bus try and stop Jirass but it’s just not going to happen. Jirass wins.

Jirass vs Buster

Suggested by Destroyer Buster is a pretty nice kid who always does his best to have fun and eat a lot. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate into being a real fighter. Jirass would have no problem taking him down a few pegs here. Buster just isn’t ready to have a big fight like this and it sows. When you have a kid going up against a Kaiju I don’t think there is any doubt from the start as to who the winner will be. There just isn’t any way for Buster to turn this around. Jirass wins.