Jirass vs Bob

Suggested by Destroyer Bob won’t do any better against Jirass than against Gomess. The reason for this is that the gap in power is just a little too much. Jirass can easily overwhelm bob with pure power and just start claiming wins left and right. Bob’s best bet here would be to try and escape but even if he can outrun Jirass, that probably wouldn’t work for very long. Bob’s options here are just very limited and at the end of the day that pretty much spells game over for him. Jirass wins.

Gomess vs Bob

Suggested by Destroyer Bob is a pretty fun slime. The guy has a lot of personality and isn’t afraid to mix it up with the other characters. That said, he isn’t ready to take on a full Kaiju like this. It is completely believable that Gomess could just stomp on Bob and that would be the end of the match. Bob can turn fairly large as well but then Gomess can just punch him down so either way I wouldn’t say that this really impacts the outcome of the match. Gomess wins.

Bob vs Muk

Bob doesn’t look that tough does he? Well, I’m afraid that he isn’t really that skilled. Muk would defeat him in an instant. Bob just can’t compete with that kind of power. Muk takes a win and shows pokemon everywhere that it’s never too late to take a win and rise up the blog ranks. Muk wins.