Gomess vs Maggie Sawyer

Suggested by Destroyer Maggie Sawyer returns but now she is up against another Kaiju. Gomess also won’t be going down easily here. This Kaiju has tremendous power even if there is a lack of long range options. Maggie has her guns but ultimately she just won’t be able to deal enough damage in time to win here. Gomess wins.

Gomess vs Bob

Suggested by Destroyer Bob is a pretty fun slime. The guy has a lot of personality and isn’t afraid to mix it up with the other characters. That said, he isn’t ready to take on a full Kaiju like this. It is completely believable that Gomess could just stomp on Bob and that would be the end of the match. Bob can turn fairly large as well but then Gomess can just punch him down so either way I wouldn’t say that this really impacts the outcome of the match. Gomess wins.

Gomess vs Cleveland Brown

Suggested by Destroyer Gomess is a powerful Kaiju who has been through quite a lot. He can travel underground at high speeds although that won’t be necessary here. Cleveland Brown isn’t exactly powerful enough to force Gomess to use such tactics. All Gomess needs here is a few quick haymakers and the battle will be won. You simply can’t hope to stand up to a Kaiju like this. The gap in power is just too wide and ultimately that will always result in a decisive victory. Gomess wins.

Gomess vs Perry The Platypus

Suggested by Destroyer Perry has returned once more but it is still the end of the line here. He can’t hope to beat Gomess. Let’s take the attack power out of the equation for a second, what can Perry possibly try to do in order to deal a little damage? Gomess is in a completely different league than Perry. Perry could attack for hours or days and Gomess probably wouldn’t feel a thing. It’s almost like having someone trying to break a shield with a straw. It’ll just never happen. Gomess wins.

Gomess vs Richard Sharpe

Suggested by Destroyer Richard Sharpe is back but he won’t do much better against Gomess. What Richard would need is some kind of really powerful arm cannon with a lot of ammo. At that point you could start to make a case for hit and run tactics or something like that. Without such a weapon all Richard can really do is hide and try to make it to the next day. Otherwise he is effectively doomed as soon as the fight starts. Gomess isn’t super fast or anything but the Kaiju can still cover a ton of ground with each step. The tremors along would cause Richard to lose his balance. Gomess wins.

Gomess vs Moby Dick

Suggested by Destroyer Moby Dick is a huge whale that should not be underestimated. He has crashed many ships after all and has a lot of power. That being said, it’s still not enough to deal with a Kaiju though. Gomess has the absolute advantage in this fight and should be able to shut down Moby Dick with ease. It’s just not very possible to stop someone like Gomess. Moby Dick would need some kind of power up or a super form where it turns much larger. Until we get something like that I see this as a pretty open and shut case. Gomess wins.

Gomess vs Alligator

Suggested by Destroyer Gomess is a powerful Kaiju and that spells bad news for the Alligator. Alligators can grow to be quite large if you look to the right monster film. That being said, it’s definitely not enough to close the gap here. At the end of the day Gomess is still a lot more powerful than Alligator and he also continues to have the size advantage as well. It’s been a while since we saw Gomess take a win and I don’t believe the gap will be quite so large this time. Gomess wins.

Godzilla vs Gomess

Gomess always looked pretty similar to Godzilla. If you looked closely enough, you could have sworn that they had reused the Godzilla suit for Gomess, but perhaps we were just looking at it too deeply. Either way, all fans of Godzilla knew who the true King of the Monsters was. Gomess can’t take Godzilla down! Godzilla wins.