Jirass vs Alligator

Suggested by Destroyer The Alligator is back, but now he’s up against Jirass which will be another tough fight. Jirass sort of looks like Godzilla which is really this kaiju’s main gimmick. That being said, there is still a considerable gap between these two fighters so I don’t think Alligator will be winning this match anytime soon. He would need a massive power up to even stand a sliver of a chance. Jirass wins.

Gomess vs Alligator

Suggested by Destroyer Gomess is a powerful Kaiju and that spells bad news for the Alligator. Alligators can grow to be quite large if you look to the right monster film. That being said, it’s definitely not enough to close the gap here. At the end of the day Gomess is still a lot more powerful than Alligator and he also continues to have the size advantage as well. It’s been a while since we saw Gomess take a win and I don’t believe the gap will be quite so large this time. Gomess wins.

Sharktopus vs Alligator

The Alligator makes his blog debut, but he won’t be able to defeat such a vicious opponent. With one good shot the Sharktopus can take the Alligator down in an instant. Alligators just don’t have the raw agility and cunning that the Sharktopus has. The Sharktopus has risen up the blog ranks with this win. Sharktopus wins.