Gomess vs Maggie Sawyer

Suggested by Destroyer Maggie Sawyer returns but now she is up against another Kaiju. Gomess also won’t be going down easily here. This Kaiju has tremendous power even if there is a lack of long range options. Maggie has her guns but ultimately she just won’t be able to deal enough damage in time to win here. Gomess wins.

Jirass vs Maggie Sawyer

Suggested by Destroyer Maggie Sawyer is a capable fighter who is good with a gun and even knows some basic hand to hand. That’s not really enough to take a Kaiju down though. Jirass stands tall above all mortal fighters and only needs one good hit to win this round. It’s just hard to overcome that gap without some significant power upgrades. Jirass wins.

Superman vs Maggie Sawyer

Superman is the Man of Steel. It takes a lot of raw power and energy blasts to take him down. Maggie Sawyer may be pretty smart, but in the end smarts doesn’t always cut it. Superman has been winning a lot of matches. There just don’t seem to be enough guys who are able to take him down. Superman wins.