Jirass vs Moby Dick

Suggested by Destroyer Moby Dick has returned, but this isn’t a fight that he can win. Jirass is on a completely different level. A single energy blast could quickly turn the tides in an instant. Jirass doesn’t even need to aim properly since the range is so large. Moby Dick also isn’t the fastest character out there so no matter what he tries it’s not like he’ll be able to get out of range quick enough either. This is just a battle that can’t be won. Jirass wins.

Gomess vs Moby Dick

Suggested by Destroyer Moby Dick is a huge whale that should not be underestimated. He has crashed many ships after all and has a lot of power. That being said, it’s still not enough to deal with a Kaiju though. Gomess has the absolute advantage in this fight and should be able to shut down Moby Dick with ease. It’s just not very possible to stop someone like Gomess. Moby Dick would need some kind of power up or a super form where it turns much larger. Until we get something like that I see this as a pretty open and shut case. Gomess wins.

Moby Dick vs Sharktopus

Moby Dick is definitely a big whale, but in the end I’m not sure if he can take down the Sharktopus! The Sharktopus isn’t that big, but the Octopus part of him is deadly! One slash and Moby Dick could be done for. Size isn’t always everything in these battles and Moby Dick found that out the hard way. Sharktopus wins.