Gomess vs Perry The Platypus

Suggested by Destroyer Perry has returned once more but it is still the end of the line here. He can’t hope to beat Gomess. Let’s take the attack power out of the equation for a second, what can Perry possibly try to do in order to deal a little damage? Gomess is in a completely different league than Perry. Perry could attack for hours or days and Gomess probably wouldn’t feel a thing. It’s almost like having someone trying to break a shield with a straw. It’ll just never happen. Gomess wins.

Jirass vs Perry The Platypus

Suggested by Destroyer Perry is a pretty fun guy. He’s always trying to crack a case and even taught himself some pretty solid hand to hand techniques. At least as far as I know they were all self taught. At the end of the day it really won’t help much though. Hand to hand skills or not, Jirass can still crush Perry with a single move. There really isn’t much of anything that Perry could do to try and stop Jirass. Jirass is simply too powerful and too durable. The durability is just as important in a fight like this. Jirass wins.

Perry The Platypus vs Magma (Spider Riders)

Perry The Platypus makes his blog debut! He’s definitely a tough little guy, but in the end he can’t handle the sword skills that Magma has. Add to that his giant spider and he’s definitely the tougher fighter. Perry The Platypus will be back one of these days and hopefully for a win. Magma (Spider Riders) wins.