Rainbow Dash vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash has the power to move with such speed that she creates a Sonic Rainboom. That’s not the kind of power that just anybody can unlock. Frodo may be able to go into invisible mode thanks to the cloak but then what? He has no real attack options that he can use and the shockwaves will knock him out. Rainbow Dash wins.

Jirass vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Frodo may be one of the chosen ones but he’s never really impressed me. The guy gets nervous at the drop of a hat and I wouldn’t exactly say he is a very good fighter either. So when you really get to the heart of the matter, the guy just doesn’t have a chance against Jirass. Jirass would easily crush him with physical blows. Frodo isn’t fast enough to escape either so there is no trick in his arsenal that can turn the tides. The fight will be a quick one. Jirass wins.

Pac Man vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Frodo may have been the hero of prophecy, but he was never all that strong. The stars just aligned for him, but in a fight Pac Man would definitely crush him. Pac Man has the superior strength levels at his disposal and he also has more experience. Frodo will likely panic and that’ll make Pac-Man’s attacks all the more inevitable. Dread it, Run from it, but the Pac arrives all the same. Frodo would need 100 invisibility cloaks to even stand a chance here! Pac Man wins.

King Ghidorah vs Frodo

Frodo used to be the big LOTR character before Bilbo came to steal all of the fun. Frodo may be known as a hero, but he really relies on his invisibility trick. That won’t fool the mighty King Ghidorah as a simple laser will destroy the whole area that Frodo may be hiding in. One hit shall end this bout. King Ghidorah wins.

Frodo vs Zero

Frodo was very weak willed and he couldn’t make the right calls when the going got tough. That’s why he just needed another loss. Zero could easily end the round with a single slash and Frodo just wouldn’t be able to evade. He lacks the speed that would be necessary for such a feat. Zero is definitely one of the cooler robots out there and he rises up the blog ranks. Zero wins.

Frodo vs Bass

This is a tribute to the 2nd Lord of the Rings film. Bass has overwhelming power and his speed is off the charts. Frodo has a glowing sword and he tries to fight, but it won’t be enough to take someone like Bass down. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and one good shot will be enough to end things. Bass wins.

Frodo vs Train

This is a tribute to the first Lord of The Rings film. Frodo definitely wasn’t a character that you could look up too in the long run. He was hard to root for and he’s definitely no Train. Train is an expert shot and one good hit will be enough to take Frodo down in an instant. Frodo has no defense against his attacks. Train wins.

Thor vs Frodo

This is a tribute to the Return of the King! Frodo looked pretty bad in the film so there was no way that he could have won the match. Thor is his superior in both speed and power. Frodo just doesn’t have what it takes to decisively win such a bout. Thor rises up the blog ranks with this win and he continues to show how powerful he is. Thor wins.

Frodo vs Mojo

Frodo has his sword skills and he really knows how to pwn when the going gets tough! Still, can he take down someone as powerful as Mojo? I don’t think so. Mojo has some pretty intense energy blasts that could help him take the win in this round. Frodo will be back someday. Mojo wins.