Rainbow Dash vs Flatman

Suggested by Destroyer Flatman can stretch but that’s about it. It’s honestly not a bad power but on its own it just isn’t very effective. You always need something around to enhance those abilities and put Flatman on the map as a serious threat. Rainbow Dash will be able to easily speedblitz him and land a Sonic Rainboom attack. That would be it for Flatman and I just don’t see him getting up from that. Rainbow Dash wins

Rainbow Dash vs Sniper Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer Sniper Wolf has a gun but how do you hit someone who can move at the speed of sound? The easy answer is that you don’t. Sniper Wolf’s main proficiency will be rendered ineffective here and that’s why she loses the match. Dash’s speed will ultimately carry her to victory as she just can’t be stopped. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Mettaur

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash has enough speed to easily hit Mettaur from all sides. The minion wouldn’t really have any way to dodge those blows or have time to counter. Rainbow Dash may not be a very experienced fighter but sometimes raw technique is really all that you need in order to win. The Mettaur is completely out of his depth here. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Waluigi is very talented at a whole lot of activities but he still won’t be able to match up to dash. Rainbow’s speed and abilities are at a much higher level than Waluigi’s. She can easily just barrel into him with a Sonic Rainboom and that will be the end of the match. He doesn’t have the durability feats needed to tank that. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Agent Orange

Suggested by Destroyer Agent Orange has returned but he isn’t quite ready for Rainbow Dash. Her speed is on a whole other level. She can create Sonic Rainbooms just by flying really fast. That’s the kind of speed that would definitely leave most enemies shaking in their boots. Agent Orange is no exception because he just would not be able to deal with that speed or have any way to counter it. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Yosemite Sam

Suggested by Destroyer Yosemite Sam has a lot of guns, but here’s the problem…Rainbow Dash is easily a bullet timer. She can dodge his attacks easily and then counter with her own. When you put that into perspective then he is really doomed. Sam doesn’t have any real fallback options at his disposal and that’s why he is doomed here. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Greenman was deathly afraid of Gutsman and that’s all you need to know about why he isn’t a real threat. Rainbow Dash can fly rings around him and each Sonic Rainboom will deal massive damage. There just isn’t any way for Greenman to try and defend himself here. He probably wouldn’t even be able to keep up with her visually so that would really be game over for him. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash has the power to move with such speed that she creates a Sonic Rainboom. That’s not the kind of power that just anybody can unlock. Frodo may be able to go into invisible mode thanks to the cloak but then what? He has no real attack options that he can use and the shockwaves will knock him out. Rainbow Dash wins.

Derpy vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash has enough speed to break the sound barrier. She knows some basic hand to hand skills and even got super powers briefly. Throw in the fact that she can fire laser blasts and I don’t see how Derpy can possibly stay in the fight. No matter how you slice it I’m afraid that Derpy has no avenue to victory here. Rainbow Dash just wins in every category relevant to the match. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a good kid but he’s not going to stop this pony. Rainbow Dash has super speed to the point where she can create Sonic Rainbooms. Additionally she can fire off energy blasts in her Equestrian form. Wybie has no such special abilities to aid him here. He won’t be able to defend himself against these quick attacks and doesn’t have the durability needed to endure them either. That leaves Wybie without any real options here. Rainbow Dash wins.