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Rainbow Dash vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates has a gun, but that’s really all he’s got going for him. Beyond that he is just an ordinary guy so Rainbow Dash will have no trouble dealing with him. She has super speed which is incredibly handy in all kinds of situations. She can dodge every shot and just barrel into him. A tackle at that speed will certainly leave a mark and Norman will have no way to recover from such a shot. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Rainbow Dash vs Buster

Suggested by Destroyer Buster is always a dependable guy and I’m sure he will take the loss here well. He’s got no hope against a pony with the level of super speed that Rainbow Dash has. She can barrel into him and that’ll knock the wind right out of Buster. I expect he won’t even know what hit him because he probably wouldn’t be able to follow her movements. Super speed also means that the impact of her blows will hurt a lot more so one punch may be all she needs. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Rainbow Dash vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer Pythons are pretty tricky snakes who are always ready for a fight. That being said, a snake is not nearly as fast as Rainbow Dash. Dash has the advantage of speed on her side and has also been in combat situations against actual super villains. I’d say that this means Python is completely out of luck, but I’m sure he’ll still put up a good effort. It just won’t be enough. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Rainbow Dash vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk has his diamonds that he can spit out, but they won’t really help against a foe as fast as Rainbow Dash. Rainbow won’t get hit here unless she wants to allow it. She does have some mild energy attacks and strength which is enough to ensure that she can land hits here. Chunk’s only hope was that his durability would be too much for Rainbow Dash and that’s simply not the case. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Status Quo vs Rainbow Dash

Status Quo
Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash has an impressive amount of speed at her disposal. This means that she won’t be taking any damage in this fight since the Status Quo has no way of actually landing a hit. At the end of the day he’s basically just a normal joe while Rainbow has taken down world ending threats over the years. Status Quo is a million years too early to try and fight someone like that. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Sunny Skies vs Rainbow Dash

This is a tribute to the Rainbow Roadtrip. Rainbow Dash may not have been invited to the celebration that she was expecting, but she managed to adapt to the situation. Sunny Skies doesn’t have a whole lot of field experience in comparison so it was a lot harder for him to get on with the program. He doesn’t have any fancy super powers either so there’s no way he can stop Equestria’s fastest flyer. Rainbow Dash won’t be going down so easily. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Yoh vs Rainbow Dash

The tournament continues as Rainbow Dash goes up against the powerful Shaman. Both of these fighters may have racked up a very impressive record, but I’m afraid that their abilities are on completely different levels. Yoh has an Oversoul which could crush Rainbow with a single hit and he also has the speed advantage. Dash has no way of getting past Yoh’s defenses either so at the end of the day her options are just very limited. This kid is simply too skilled. Yoh wins.

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Elastic Waistband vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer I don’t think the Elastic Waistband will be able to contend with someone like Rainbow Dash. Her pure speed will make it hard for him to land a single blow. While Rainbow Dash doesn’t have a lot of physical strength, her Sonic Rainboom will definitely deal some nice damage. If will add up and that’s why the Waistband doesn’t stand a chance. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Little Beeper vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer The Little Beeper is essentially just like the Road Runner. He just isn’t as fast and doesn’t have any ninja skills that I know of. Rainbow Dash will have the edge here because she is faster than the Little Beeper and the tried and true Sonic Rainboom should bring on a lot of damage. The Beeper will not be able to stop this attack. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Rainbow Dash vs Water Horse

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash is a pretty powerful Pony who can create powerful sonic booms with her speed. Water Horse is too slow to really counter these abilities and he is a big target. Rainbow Dash will have no problems dodging any counter attacks. I feel bad for the Water Horse, but he just isn’t ready to take down a pony just yet. Rainbow Dash wins.