Derpy vs Rainbow Dash

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash has enough speed to break the sound barrier. She knows some basic hand to hand skills and even got super powers briefly. Throw in the fact that she can fire laser blasts and I don’t see how Derpy can possibly stay in the fight. No matter how you slice it I’m afraid that Derpy has no avenue to victory here. Rainbow Dash just wins in every category relevant to the match. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a good kid but he’s not going to stop this pony. Rainbow Dash has super speed to the point where she can create Sonic Rainbooms. Additionally she can fire off energy blasts in her Equestrian form. Wybie has no such special abilities to aid him here. He won’t be able to defend himself against these quick attacks and doesn’t have the durability needed to endure them either. That leaves Wybie without any real options here. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer The Crazy Bus is back but what can he hope to do against Rainbow Dash? Dash has unbelievable speed at her disposal and some general fighting ability. When you put that into consideration, the Crazy Bus is really out of luck here. At the end of the day you can only drive so fast. Dash will be speedblitzing Crazy Bus with ease and a few supersonic tackles ought to finish the job here. Game over for the bus. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Hammer Bro

Suggested by Destroyer The Hammer Bro is probably the toughest Mario enemy to deal with back in the 2D games. This guy is just really hard to react to given how fast he throws his hammers. To Rainbow Dash it will look like he is throwing them in slow motion though. Rainbow Dash just needs one or two main tackles to take him out of the game. Hammer Bro’s attacks are severely limited so he will have a hard time trying to land a hit. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman is a character who is definitely not very popular. It’s safe to say that even a lot of really big Megaman fans don’t know who this guy is. He flew under the radar quite effectively and isn’t really much of a fighter. Dash will be able to dodge his attacks and weaken the guy with her Sonic Rainbooms. Enough of those moves and Pickman will certainly be down for the count. He’s just not ready for that level of damage. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow was cursed at one point so he had virtual immortality. It’s a handy skill to have but with slow regeneration it is almost more of a down side. If you’re up against a superior opponent it means you are doomed to take a lot of hits over and over again as you wait to finally be defeated for real. Jack isn’t fast enough to land a hit with his blade against Rainbow so that means he is in for a very long day here. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer A Turkey is a fun animal to hang out with. It’s got some reasonable speed and can bite if necessary but you wouldn’t exactly call him much of a fighter. Certainly not on the level of good ole Rainbow Dash who has seen her share of action over the years. The Turkey ultimately wouldn’t stand a chance here and his best bet would be to try and hide somewhere. Hiding is often futile when fighting someone with super speed though. Dash is just too quick. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer A Goomba is a pretty iconic enemy. I doubt that there is anyone around who isn’t familiar with this classic opponent. That being said, this enemy is not particularly skilled. Rainbow Dash will be able to zip around Goomba with relative ease thanks to her super speed and versatile attacks. Goomba doesn’t really have a defense against such moves and would ultimately be overwhelmed. What he needs is a good power up. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Norman Bates

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates has a gun, but that’s really all he’s got going for him. Beyond that he is just an ordinary guy so Rainbow Dash will have no trouble dealing with him. She has super speed which is incredibly handy in all kinds of situations. She can dodge every shot and just barrel into him. A tackle at that speed will certainly leave a mark and Norman will have no way to recover from such a shot. Rainbow Dash wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Buster

Suggested by Destroyer Buster is always a dependable guy and I’m sure he will take the loss here well. He’s got no hope against a pony with the level of super speed that Rainbow Dash has. She can barrel into him and that’ll knock the wind right out of Buster. I expect he won’t even know what hit him because he probably wouldn’t be able to follow her movements. Super speed also means that the impact of her blows will hurt a lot more so one punch may be all she needs. Rainbow Dash wins.