Pinkie Pie vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Poor Wybie has been taking some tough losses lately. It doesn’t look like that will end here as Pinkie Pie will put him through the wringer once more. Wybie has a bike but he has no defense for cannons or things or that nature. Pinkie Pie is very creative and always knows a few different ways to score a win. The most direct one here would probably just be to blast Wybie into next week. If he were a bit faster then maybe he could change things but as it stands I don’t see him being able to do much of anything. Pinkie Pie wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a good kid but he’s not going to stop this pony. Rainbow Dash has super speed to the point where she can create Sonic Rainbooms. Additionally she can fire off energy blasts in her Equestrian form. Wybie has no such special abilities to aid him here. He won’t be able to defend himself against these quick attacks and doesn’t have the durability needed to endure them either. That leaves Wybie without any real options here. Rainbow Dash wins.

Wybie Lovat vs Raphael

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice kid but he’s not a fighter. Raphael is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and has gone up against every kind of opponent you can think of. Wybie won’t really be able to keep up here and Raph will be able to take him down without even turning this into a fight. This match is incredibly one sided so Wybie has no real chance of success. His best hope is appearing in the future in a sequel movie where he gets super powers or something like that. Raphael wins.

Jirass vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice kid but he’s not exactly a fighter. I don’t really think there is anything he could actually do to stop Jirass. Jirass is a Kaiju and so his durability exceeds that of what any normal human can hope to dish out in terms of damage. Jirass may not be very fast but it doesn’t matter since his size will allow him to cross such a distance with ease. Jirass wins.

Pac Man vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice enough kid who is always trying his best to help out and make it through a pretty scary situation. That being said, he really isn’t a fighter so it’s not like he has a great chance of winning this match. Pac Man’s been fighting off ghosts and other monsters for years. This will be just another fight for him. All he needs is one combo. Pac Man wins.

Terminator vs Wybie Lovat

Wybie Lovat is a guy who likes to ride on his motorcycle and scare people, but that’s essentially what the Terminator does from time to time. This means that Wybie is no longer a unique character and he will have to fight to live through this round. One blast from the Terminator should put an end to this so Wybie will have to sink through the blog ranks a little more. Terminator wins.

Wybie Lovat vs Kirito

Wybie Lovat is back for his 5th fight on the blog! He may not have had a lot of luck so far, but you can’t keep someone like him down for very long! Kirito is a good swordsman, but he lacks Wybie’s confidence and sheer determination. That’s because Kirito surpasses him in both of those aspects!!! Kirito wins.

Black Rock Shooter vs Wybie Lovat

Black Rock Shooter makes her debut in this match and she’s up against good ole Wybie Lovat. Wybie Lovat may look like a pretty weak person, but his determination always keeps him in a fight! He may not stand a chance against an opponent as fearsome as the Black Rock Shooter, but he can still keep on fighting until he finds someone that he can beat! Black Rock Shooter wins.

Wybie Lovat vs Ichigo

Wybie Lovat is back and he’s ready to rock and roll! Unfortunately, his quick thinking won’t be enough for him to stop Ichigo. Ichigo just needs an instant and he’ll slice the world in half. Wybie Lovat can’t possibly dodge such an attack and he would quickly be defeated. Maybe he’ll have better luck next time! Ichigo wins.

Wybie Lovat vs Maka

SOUL EATER - 44 - Large 01
Wybie Lovat is back and now he’s up against Maka! Maka doesn’t use a sword, but she does have a powerful scythe at her disposal! One good shot would be able to defeat Wybie Lovat and she could unleash it in an instant. Wybie Lovat may have thought of himself as a powerful opponent, but maybe he’s not as tough as we all thought! Maka wins.