Rainbow Dash vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman is a character who is definitely not very popular. It’s safe to say that even a lot of really big Megaman fans don’t know who this guy is. He flew under the radar quite effectively and isn’t really much of a fighter. Dash will be able to dodge his attacks and weaken the guy with her Sonic Rainbooms. Enough of those moves and Pickman will certainly be down for the count. He’s just not ready for that level of damage. Rainbow Dash wins.

Pac Man vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman is one of the weaker netnavies out there. The guy is probably good at construction, but when it comes time for a big fight he will end up falling short. Pac Man has many different special abilities at his disposal and all of them would prove to be lethal in this match. Pickman’s best bet is simply to get out of there as quickly as possible. He can’t outrun Pac Man’s key though and that will ultimately be crucial. Pac Man wins.

Vakishim vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman can swing his little pickaxe around, but it’s not like that’s really going to do anything. Vakishim’s exterior is way too durable for that to even cause any damage. He’ll be able to shoot his energy blasts from afar with such range and power that Pickman will be gone before he can even get into combat range. That really doesn’t bode well for the fighter. Maybe Pickman will have better luck next year with a power up of some kind. He could certainly use one. Vakishim wins.

Pickman vs Hange


Suggested by Destroyer Well, this is one of those fights where I can’t say that I am a particularly big fan of either character. Pickman has a cool design, but his personality doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence. Then you have Hange who is so far over the edge that she may as well be one of the villains. Still, she has acquired some actual skills throughout her ordeals and has made it to the point where she is too powerful for Pickman to stop. Hange wins.

Penguin vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman may be a Megaman character, but he has never looked particularly impressive. He wouldn’t last very long in a fair fight against the Penguin. All he can do is swing his pickax around, but Penguin can stay in mid range and shoot his guns or rockets at Pickman. This will very quickly drain away at the guy’s health. Really it’s just a bad match up because Pickman’s only chance at winning against anyone is keeping it to a close quarters brawl. That won’t be an option here. Penguin wins.

Pickman vs Nami

Pickman is back, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Nami. Nami just needs a good thunderbolt to take down Pickman for good. Pickman just never showed that much strength or speed in his very brief appearence. He definitely won’t be able to defeat such a powerful pirate. Nami wins.

Pickman vs Blade

Pickman has his shockwaves, but in the end he won’t be able to defeat Blade. Blade has his sword skills and can use them to wipe Pickman out. Pickman takes a loss in this battle. He fought well, but alas it wasn’t enough. Blade was just too powerful. Blade takes the win. Blade wins.

Gutsman vs Pickman

This is Pickman and Gutsman’s final fight and quite possibly the final Ground fight. So this has to be a great finale. Pickman may be very weak and his picks can’t do anything. Of course Gutsman has never achieved Crossfusion. Gutsman has Super Guts form where he turns giant. Gutsman wins.

Pickman vs Groundman

Pickman is back, pick and all. Sadly all the picks in the world couldn’t help him here. Groundman is just too almost strong. While Groundman isn’t actually strong he tries to be strong. Groundman also has super armor which makes him impervious to flinching. Now Pickman can’t even try to scare him with his pick. Groundman wins.

Chargeman vs Pickman

Chargeman is now fighting his last fight. Luckily his last fight is against Pickman. Pickman can’t hold his own against Chargeman. He couldn’t even hold his own against a Chargeman with no wheels. Pickman is a disgrace to all navi’s who wield a pick which means just himself. Chargeman wins.