Lucaim Nav vs Blade

This is a tribute to Blade: Trinity. While Blade probably broke his own record in how quickly he was kidnapped here, he did well for the rest of the film. He is always ready to roll with the punches and that makes him a fighter you can count on. Meanwhile you have Lucaim Nav who left a terrible first impression and never got much better. I don’t see him lasting particularly long here and ultimately he will have to take the loss here like a champ. There’s just no way he can keep up with Blade’s raw power or speed. Blade wins.

Blade vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Blade II. Blade continued to look pretty solid in this one. He does have a habit of underestimating his opponents at times which leads him into sticky situations but at the same time his absolute confidence is part of why the character is so much fun. You always know that he’s going to give his 100% to the fight regardless and he won’t even need that against Nemo. The difference in ability is just too great here. Blade wins.

Blade vs Isabella

This is a tribute to the first Blade film. He looked pretty good there and definitely did a nice job taking down all of the villains. He’s definitely not the kind of opponent who goes down without a swing. Isabella may be able to terrorize little kids, but when up against a vampire warrior like Blade that’s not going to amount to a whole lot. He can easily take her down without an issue here. She just isn’t fast enough to stop him. Blade wins.

Topman vs Blade

Suggested by Destroyer Topman never got to appear in the manga which hurts him quite a bit and I’m not even sure if he ever got to appear in the anime. Trust me when I say that this is just about fatal as gameplay mechanics can only get you so far. His tips shouldn’t be underestimated but I’m just not sure if Jenna’s what it takes to defeat Blade. Blade has a pretty good amount of speed and he as taken down many vampires over the years. His physical attributes are all amped up and he has a decent accelerated healing process as well. It’s a bit of a tough call, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Topman has the speed needed to keep up with this vampire hunter. Blade wins.

Baron Mordo vs Blade

Baron Mordo may be a powerful sorcerer, but he doesn’t have enough speed to keep up with Blade. Blade got his own anime, which significantly boosted his attack power and his speed. This means that Baron Mordo is at a pretty big disadvantage and he’s essentially out of his league in this round. Blade rises up the blog ranks with this win! Blade wins.

Blade vs Turkey

Turkey is back, but he’s in for another loss. Blade is just a better fighter overall and takes Turkey down. Turkey lacks the attack power and speed needed to defeat Blade. Blade rises up the ranks and shows the world his true power. Turkey will be back someday…we can count on it. Blade wins.

Blade vs Shaggy

Well after the Blade anime premiere who wouldn’t want to see Blade get a win! Shaggy is his next victim. Shaggy may be tough, but in the end he’s not Blade level. Blade is just too powerful for him. With his sword skills Blade could beat Shaggy in under a minute. Shaggy drops down the blog. Blade wins.

Pickman vs Blade

Pickman has his shockwaves, but in the end he won’t be able to defeat Blade. Blade has his sword skills and can use them to wipe Pickman out. Pickman takes a loss in this battle. He fought well, but alas it wasn’t enough. Blade was just too powerful. Blade takes the win. Blade wins.