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Rainbow Dash vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer A Turkey is a fun animal to hang out with. It’s got some reasonable speed and can bite if necessary but you wouldn’t exactly call him much of a fighter. Certainly not on the level of good ole Rainbow Dash who has seen her share of action over the years. The Turkey ultimately wouldn’t stand a chance here and his best bet would be to try and hide somewhere. Hiding is often futile when fighting someone with super speed though. Dash is just too quick. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Pinkie Pie vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer Pinkie Pie may not be the best fighter from the Mane 6, but she does have her party cannon so she can score a few hits every once in a while. The Turkey would have a hard time trying to stop her. He can’t really fight all that well and has no special abilities. Pinkie Pie is a lot faster and wins in just about every category so this would end up being a pretty quick battle. Pinkie Pie wins.

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Pac Man vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for the Pac to take some names. He’s got a lot of fruits and other objects that he can use to really take the Turkey down a few pegs. Turkeys are strong in great numbers of course, but they really aren’t going to be doing much to a fighter like this. Pac Man has eaten the golden fruits which gave him super powers. With those at his disposal this match is as good as over. Pac Man wins.

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Ebirah vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer Ebirah is definitely a tough Kaiju that you don’t want to mess with. He may not be known as one of the strongest Kaiju out there, but he has still got enough skill to win this. What can a turkey hope to do against such power? None of his attacks will deal any damage here and there’s just no way to win in such a situation. Don’t mess with the sea monster! Ebirah wins.

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Turkey vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer A Turkey is a good bird that people really like around Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I don’t think the Turkey is quite strong enough to take on a Kaiju like Gigan. Gigan can teleport around the Turkey and win with a quick energy blast. That’s all he would need and the Turkey has no way of damaging him anyway. Gigan wins.