Condiment King vs Nami

Suggested by Adrogoz The Condiment King may be treated as a bit of a joke in most of the comics that he is in, but this guy doesn’t play around. He has some powerful nerve gas at his disposal and ketchup for days. It won’t be enough to overcome Nami’s lightning blasts though. Her staff can produce many different weather abilities and they are all trouble for this King. Nami wins.

Dario Brando vs Nami

Suggested by Adrogoz Dario Brando is a new fighter who is ready for some action, but I’m afraid that there aren’t many fighters that he can beat. The guy is effectively just an old man who might have a gun at best. Nami could easily beat him in close quarters combat or she can just zap him with a lightning bolt. As Dario isn’t exactly a quality character I don’t expect that he will go very far in his future fights either. Meanwhile Nami continues her winning streak. Nami wins.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Nami


Suggested by Adrogoz It’s time for the Arm-Fall-Off Boy to make his big return to the arena! His abilities have never really looked all that promising to be honest and Nami will easily be able to take him down. One quick zap and that’s it for this guy. Hopefully he won’t fall to pieces after this! Nami wins.

Chief Wiggum vs Nami

Suggested by Adrogoz Chief Wiggum is one of those police chiefs who doesn’t do a lot of work, but will still show up in time for the donuts. If anything it is rather admirable, but that won’t be enough for him to win this round. Nami can easily zap him with a thunder bolt and then that will be the end of him. The Chief just isn’t much of a fighter so he can hardly be expected to react in time to an attack like that. Nami wins.

Nami vs Arthur

Suggested by Adrogoz Arthur is usually a nice kid but he actually seems to work out as seen with his big punch against DW. That could deliver some damage to his own ego at least but I don’t think the punch would actually hurt Nami. Meanwhile she is skilled enough in combat to take him down without actually hurting the kid. Nami wins.

Nami vs Fred

maxresdefault (15)
Suggested by Adrogoz Fred is an expert at trapping ghosts so trapping people should be similar right? Well I don’t think it will be quite as easy as all that since Nami’s weather rod can easily break any old net that is thrown over her. Fred has some decent fighting moves but it’s nothing that Nami can’t handle. It will be a fairly easy win for her. Nami wins.

Mr Majestic vs Nami

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a new character to take center stage. Mr Majestic is an immensely powerful being who has tangled with many strong foes. He is the complete package as Mr Majestic has super strength, flight, and speed. Nami has her weather staff, but he could quickly take it away from her before Nami could react. Without that she has no way of even hurting him so there is no way that she can possibly come out on top in this fight. Mr Majestic wins.

Nami vs Jeroen Thorndike

Suggested by iKnowledge Jeroen is one of the beings gifted with the abilities of The Doctor. He was the second man to take up the mantle and this allows him to rewrite reality as he sees fit. That is, when he’s not too busy taking drugs and playing video games. Altering reality is great, but it’s not as practical as having a bolt of lightning up one’s sleeve. Nami has mastered the elements and is also a good hand to hand fighter. Jeroen will have no defense against her abilities. Nami wins.

The Doctor vs Nami

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of geniuses. Both of these combatants prefer to use tools to fight instead of their fists. The Doctor has more sophisticated tech and would be able to clear just about any challenge ahead of Nami. However in a 1 on 1 fight I believe Nami would have the edge. She has more experience in such combat and her illusions will make it difficult for the Doctor to tag her. Nami’s lightning bolts continue to get a boost every arc as well and she has even gained the ultimate lightning cloud in the latest arc. The Doctor’s shields will only be able to keep it together for a short while. Granted, there may be some Doctor gadgets that I am unaware of so this is a match that could easily be changed if he ever gets something to tip the scales. Nami wins.

Nami vs Po

Nami wraps up her win streak against the Teletubbies with this win. Po has heart and you can always count on her to do the right thing, but that still doesn’t guarantee a win on the blog. Nami has more combat experience and she is the better hand to hand fighter. Poor Po will need to drop down the ranks. Nami wins.