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Laa Laa vs Nami

Nami’s been on a roll lately and I don’t expect that to stop here! She’s a formidable navigator who has sailed past the Grand Line so Laa Laa can’t really do anything to intimidate her. Nami is just too skilled for that and she just needs one lightning blast to take Laa Laa down for the count. If only Laa Laa had more power! Nami wins.

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Dipsy vs Nami

Dipsy is a pretty tough fighter depending on the amount of fighters that you are looking at, but Nami still has the edge here. Her hand to hand skills would be enough to win this round, but she also has her Weather Tempo at the ready for all situations. Dipsy is not going to be able to win this round so the Teletubby will have to drop down the ranks. Nami wins.

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Tinky Winky vs Nami

Tinky Winky is back to fight on the blog, but he’s more than a little outmatched here. Nami is an experienced user of the Weather Tempo and she can unleash some pretty deadly attacks with it. Tinky Winky isn’t the kind of guy who will back down from a fight, but a quick thunder blast should still take him down. Nami wins.

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Waluigi vs Nami

Nami may have her weather staff, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to stop Waluigi. Trust me, that’s pretty surprising since it’s not every day that a Mario character can defeat an anime warrior. Waluigi’s access to giant mushrooms and stars will be enough to give him an edge. Nami just can’t defend against that! Waluigi wins.

Update! Nami can take this with her upgraded weather tempo. Nami wins.

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Epona vs Nami

Epona is a very likable horse, but I don’t believe that she will be able to win in this battle. Nami has her Weather staff that can summon various elements and these would deal a lot of damage to Epona. Epona doesn’t really have a way to escape from Nami’s attacks and she will eventually be defeated. Nami is very athletic to she would be able to dodge any incoming charges from Epona. Nami wins.

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Pickman vs Nami

Pickman is back, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Nami. Nami just needs a good thunderbolt to take down Pickman for good. Pickman just never showed that much strength or speed in his very brief appearence. He definitely won’t be able to defeat such a powerful pirate. Nami wins.

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Clockman vs Nami

Nami has her weather staff and she’s pretty quick, but in the end she won’t be able to take down Clockman. Clockman can shoot energy blasts of intense power and he’s got some arrows as well. Nami is strong, but in the end it won’t be enough to take down Clockman. Clockman finally rises up the blog ranks. Clockman wins.

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One Above All vs Nami

The One Above All is a being who should be feared for his limitless power. Can anyone truly stop a being who’s as impressively powerful as the One Above All? Nami has her Weather staff and that’s just going to have to do. The One Above All takes a tough loss with this round and he moves down the blog ranks. Nami wins.

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Nami vs Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is a pirate who can use a gun and has some decent sword skills…but barely decent. Nami has some decent hand to hand combat skills on her side and the weather staff can come in handy. Jack Sparrow lacks the speed to dodge her attacks and he would quickly be defeated. Nami finally gets her first win on the blog! Nami wins.

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Bayonetta vs Nami

Bayonetta makes her debut onto the blog! She’s a pretty powerful character and in the end, I think she has this match. Nami has some good weather manipulation, but it doesn’t overcome the hand to hand disadvantage. Bayonetta seems like a much better fighter and has more physical strength. Bayonetta wins.